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You got a party, event, a show, a fundraiser we were not aware about? Or some latest talk, you think the world needs to know about? You have spotted a new fashion release, a super wicked accessory or some awesome place that is worth to visit?

Do tell us about.

MISS SL Magazine accepts reader submitted posts.

There are few simple rules about.

  • You must submit a picture, related to your post, of good quality and at least 512×512 large, but max 2200×1100 pixels large.
  • You must not submit posts with any RL related content.
  • MISS SL Magazine reserves the right to edit and publish your post, or not.
  • If you have submit a post and you would like to correct something on the post, please open a ticket in our support portal, with the email you have submitted the post with. If you use another email, than the one you have submitted your post with, we will not be able to identify you.

That’s all.

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