Portrait of Louis XIV in Coronation Robes, painted in 1701 by the French painter Hyacinthe Rigaud – Louis XIV is often referred to as “The King of Couture”. Originally the painting hung at the palace of Versailles, it is today part of the exhibition at the Louvre Museum, Paris.

Hello dear candidates to MISS & MR SL YoungStar 2018!

we hope you have enjoyed the first runway challenge as much as we did. The schedule for this round is tight and so we have the second runway challenge right away for you too. In this challenge you are asked to research for a painting or sculpture of a person, who inspires you for your life or a particular cause or movement, you support. While most portrait paintings or sculptures (busts) depict a person’s head or face only, you will need to find a painting, or sculpture, that shows the person in their clothing. When you have picked the person and the painting, or sculpture, style an outfit inspired by the person’s clothing as seen in the picture, or sculpture. While you are not limited to any time period for your person and painting or sculpture, you need to translate your inspiration into a modern styling, based on 2017/2018 trends.

With your styling we also would like to know, what this person did, that inspires you. This may be your chance to voice your support to certain causes, movements, for certain views. However, please do not consider about political or religious themes, as it may be received controversial by the public.

Please read the details below carefully:

  • Please research for a painting, or sculpture, of a person who inspires you. You are not limited to any time period for your choice, but please make sure the painting, or sculpture actually exists, is searchable. It will be necessary for you to provide actual image links. The person in the painting or sculpture can be from any walk of life and any age, but please don’t alter your avatar’s apparent age, you have entered the competition with.
  • Please style an outfit inspired by the painting or sculpture of the person you choose. Regardless the time period your person lived in and the clothing they wear in the painting or sculpture, you need to translate your inspiration to style an outfit based on 2017/2018 trends.
  • When styling your outfit, you need to use in your clothing at least two primary or secondary colors. The colors must be in the fabrics of your clothing.
  • If the painting or sculpture show accessory, which are held or worn by the person, you may want to find a similar, resembling accessory. If this accessory is hindering your walk or poses, please consider to only show it for your last pose (read below).
  • Please choose an appropriate walk and a pose set for about 40 – 60 seconds, to present your styling. Your poses may be borderline expressive and artistic, but you still must follow the rules of runway modeling. Please remember the advice that were given to you in the workshops and feedbacks.
  • Please choose a single pose, which resembles the pose of the person in the painting or sculpture of your choice. This pose will be your last pose, as a stand-alone pose. When choosing this pose, please make sure, that it transitions naturally and flawlessly from your default pose and back to it.

  • Please submit a styling description at the web-based form, we gave you the link and password for. The notecard with the link and password should be in your inventory and is called “MISS & MR SL YoungStar 2018 – Styling Card Submission Website”.
  • Please write in your description, by whom you were inspired and why. Please explain us, why this inspiration is important to you, what makes this person interesting. Please remember to limit your description to 200 words.
  • Please provide image links, which show the painting or sculpture of your choice in the best possible resolution.
  • Please attach a raw picture to the styling description, photographed with a clean background, which shows you with your single, stand-alone pose resembling the pose from the painting or sculpture. This picture should not be smaller than 512×512 pixels and not bigger than 2048×2048 pixels.
  • Your styling description must be submit and received by Friday, July 13th at 03:00 a.m. SLT in the morning.

  • Please research for a quote by the person of your choice, which is in line of the reason for your inspiration. You need to have this quote in a notecard for yourself, to shout into local chat, while you are on stage during the challenge. Please make sure, to validate the quote is actually from the person of your choice.

  • Rehearsals for the second runway challenge are scheduled for Friday, July 13th, at 10:00 a.m. and 05:00 p.m. SLT. It is mandatory to participate in one of the both scheduled rehearsals, to be eligible to walk in the challenge.
  • The second runway challenge is scheduled for Saturday, July 14th, at 10:00 a.m. SLT and is open for public audience.

We hope you enjoy this challenge and  look forward to see your inspirations and styling ideas in the runway challenge.

Good Luck!

Friendly greetings,

Marcus Lefevre-Enimo

MISS SL Organization
Owner | Founder | Chairman

© July 2018 – MISS SL Organization
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