Thank you! - Fashion Show for L'Homme Magazine SL

On Sunday, November 05, 2017 at 09:00 AM many had the opportunity to witness the first ever fashion show for the L’Homme Magazine SL. It was in MISS SL Agency’s responsibility to make it a grand event, fit for the most read and influential magazine for male fashion in Second Life.

MISS SL Agency houses the best and experienced models, male and female equally, either invited through their successful participation in the MISS and MR SL pageants or personally through the management  and me. The models, who have been selected to walk in this particular show, have been as much as excited for this extraordinary opportunity, as we have been, at least. The preparations have been quite intense on both sides, MISS SL Agency and L’Homme Magazine SL Management.

As the show supposedly featured the latest issue of the L’Homme Magazine SL, it was quite a challenge to coordinate the communication between the agency, magazine and the designer managements. All involved members have dedicated many hours to plan and prepare this first show and the result was a fantastic experience for all, we may remember long.

Especially the audience have attested us in many ways, that they have enjoyed the show, which was split into four themes – Mesh Avatars & Skins, Casual & Sportive, Fantasy & RP, Chic & Colorful.

I’m very grateful that the L’Homme Magazine SL Management have allowed us to produce this show in the very manner that our audiences are used to by events from MISS SL Organization and its entities. I do have to thank my team and friends, Rissa Bolissima, Venom Zanzibar, SaianSamuel and Djembe Dragonfire for their unconditional support and dedication. I understand that it is not easy to work with me at times, especially when I keep plans back or change everything around in the very last-minute. It is their experience and professionalism that makes all our events flawless to the best possible degree.

We did have the opportunity to work for this show with some of the very best designers we know in our community and I may thank them, and their managements, for their trust into MISS SL Agency and my team. It has been an honor to have been able to work with, and for, this incredible talents, to showcase their latest creations in this show for L’Homme Magazine SL. Participating designers have been:

Bad Hair Day
Clef de Peau
Giz Seorn
Native Urban
Soul Identity
The Forge

I do also thank the event sponsor RH Design House for the their invaluable support and the opportunity to use some of their high qualitative creations for our venue’s decoration. For the venue itself I may not forget to thank Spiked Land Holdings, who have negotiated an affordable rental price for the region, we have been using.

There is no doubt, that especially the professionalism of the models is a guarantee for a fashion show to be successful, and I do believe I am safe to state, that the MR and MISS SL models have prove they are true top models indeed. It has been a great pleasure to work with this fantastic models for the L’Homme Magazine SL Show:

Caesar Langer Aristocrat
Leezah Kaddour
Rehana Seljan
Saian Aristocrat Langer
Tadeu Gartner
Thi Shippe
Tony Lee Heron
Winter Jefferson

Thank you all, for the many hours you have spent to style the outfits and items provided to you, to select the right poses, to meet with us for the style- and pose checks and then finally to walk in our show just as fabulously as we know you. You all did a wonderful job and we hope to be able to work with you for future shows again.

We did have a slight clue that the interest may be huge but were overwhelmed then by the massive support and positive feedback through the audience. The seating begun to fill shortly after opening the venue two hours before show begin already. Ten minutes before show begin the region maximum was reached and we did have trouble to get models back in after they had to relog or crashed. We were still able to start (almost) punctual on time, as everyone is used to by MISS SL Organization events. Even though the region capacity was maxed out during the entire show, the audience have reported us, that the lag was quite bearable and not too bad at all. I would be deeply concerned if there was no noticeable lag in an event though, but with all our events it is my utmost worry to layout the venues in a way that it minimizes lag, if possible. I do apologize to the residents, who have tried to access the region to see the show, but have not been able to. The more I am grateful for the effort of Belle des Champs, who has been present in the audience, to broadcast and record the entire show.

Uncounted many photographs and posts have been shared on our social networks since Sunday. One we may highlight especially: MR SL ♛ Czech Republic 2018, Wassaabii, posted an album with 220 (!!!) pictures of the show and the venue on his Facebook timeline, co-contributed by Zuz Ka.

I do thank everyone for the many beautiful pictures, you have posted and hope that you have been able to enjoy the show as well. I have also read the many comments made to the video and pictures and I am very happy that everything has been received so well.

Lastly, I may not forget to thank my husband, Hikaru Enimo, Owner, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief for L’Homme Magazine SL, for opening this unprecedented opportunity for MISS SL Agency. He and his team, namely Moon Ling, Coordinator and Jeanne Sahara, Graphic Designer for L’Homme Magazine SL have worked with MISS SL Agency and me in a fruitful way. I am confident that both teams have put their very best to display for this very special event.

I sincerely hope that we have been able to justify the trust, and satisfy the expectations, he, and you all put into MISS SL Agency, and me. I personally had and have the tremendous honor to learn from and work with the very best and most talented of our community. It is within my very interest, intention and motivation to improve our processes and events, constantly and always. Hence I am very excited and look forward for the two upcoming events that have been booked with MISS SL Agency, for February and March 2018. In February we will be able to produce the second fashion show for L’Homme Magazine SL, for the February issue. In March we are asked to produce a fashion show for an upcoming upscale bi-annual event.

We will post the information about as we are beginning the planning stage for both, very soon.

Thank you everyone again, from the bottom of my heart and sincerely, for your all support and trust.

With kindest regards, I remain humbly yours,

Marcus Lefevre-Enimo

MISS SL Organization
Owner | Founder | Chairman


© November 2017 – MISS SL Organization
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