Official photography by Hikaru Enimo-Lefevre

Yesterday we have celebrated the tenth grand finale event of a pageant held by MISS SL Organization, concluding the MR SL ♛ 2019 competition. It have been nerve-wrecking hours for everyone involved, the finalists, the team and surely the audience, too. It yet was an event, we all will remember long, for the creative styling ideas and posing shown by the finalists, the beautiful live performances by our friend, stream host and singer Djembe Dragonfire, or for the unexpected tie of three Top 7 finalists at the third place. After solving the tie with an additional question, asked by MR SL ♛ 2018, Tony Lee Heron-Rossi and another question for each of the remaining Top 3 finalists, the results were as following:

MR SL ♛ Israel, Dahriel – 1056 points
MR SL ♛ Lebanon, Luka Benton – 1022 points
MR SL ♛ Ireland, Cedric – 936 points

Therefore we congratulate MR SL ♛ Israel, Dahriel to be selected as the winner, MR SL ♛ 2019.

We congratulate every of the finalists, who participated in yesterday’s Grand Finale for their achievements during the MR SL ♛ 2019 competition. Everyone has worked hard and grew with each challenge. MISS SL Organization acknowledges the following titles, to be rightfully and deserved achieved:

MR SL ♛ 2019 – MR SL ♛ Israel 2019, Dahriel
MR SL ♛ 2019, First Runner Up – MR SL ♛ Lebanon 2019, LukaBenton
MR SL ♛ 2019, Second Runner Up – MR SL ♛ Ireland 2019, Dstauffsl2

MR SL ♛ 2019, Top 7 – MR SL ♛ France 2019, Basil Moonites
MR SL ♛ 2019, Top 7 – MR SL ♛ Japan 2019, RichardGrataineSuoh
MR SL ♛ 2019, Top 7 – MR SL ♛ Mexico 2019, THEFANTASYANGELSProduction
MR SL ♛ 2019, Top 7 – MR SL ♛ USA 2019, Saddii

MR SL ♛ Canada 2019, Radcula
MR SL ♛ Colombia 2019, llJoe
MR SL ♛ Egypt 2019, Boyzn Sorbet
MR SL ♛ Germany 2019, Zunakur
MR SL ♛ Greece 2019, Perseo Nikolaidis
MR SL ♛ India 2019, lll3luelll Carter
MR SL ♛ Indonesia 2019, Djohar
MR SL ♛ Kenya 2019, Bluesman Rae
MR SL ♛ Norway 2019, Amereck Arabello
MR SL ♛ Spain 2019, Spike Clemenceau
MR SL ♛ Venezuela, 2019 Nimatrix

We congratulate every of the finalists again, but also humbly thank them for their trust, cooperation and commitment. It have been exciting months and weeks working with everyone and a tremendous pleasure for us, seeing each one learn and grow.

The judges for the MR SL ♛ 2019 competition, from the first audition to the Grand Finale have been:

MISS SL ♛ 2018, Sienna Bellios
MISS SL ♛ Argentina 2018, Onix1997
MISS SL ♛ Austria 2017, RoyaleSun
MISS SL ♛ Austria 2018, Jeanie Waydelich
MISS SL ♛ Norway 2018, AmethystReignn
MISS SL ♛ UK, AnneAlyce Maertens
MISS SL ♛ USA 2018, Kathrin Dassin
MISS SL ♛ YoungStar 2017, Ailytha
MISS SL ♛ YoungStar 2018, CarolinaOmena
MR SL ♛ 2018, Dragonguyuk
MR SL ♛ Czech Republic 2018, Wassaabii
MR SL ♛ Ireland 2018, CHRlSTIANGREY
MR SL ♛ Mexico 2016, Khronoz
MR SL ♛ Youngstar 2017, Mckenzieky
MR SL ♛ Youngstar 2018, Xuro

Dlehi Lykin, Essy Luv, Falbala Fairey, Guilhermedandretti, Hikaru Enimo, Jaqcuis, Kiana Jarman, Kodymeyers, Lawrenced, Mavi Beck, Miaa Rebane, Moon Ling, Ocean Blackthorne, Ryanna Foxclaw, Shena Neox, Skip Staheli, Takuya Jinn, Wagnar

We thank every of the judges for their time commitment, for sharing their expertise objectively with us. We will be happy to invite you to our future pageant rounds again.

Our utmost gratitude we express to the sponsors, who generously support MISS SL Organization and our events. The sponsors and media partner for the MR SL ♛ 2019 pageant have been:

ALMA Make Up, Angel Manor Estate, Bakaboo, Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry, GABRIEL Fashion & Accessoires, Gallant Magazine SL, Giz Seorn, Hilted, L’Homme Magazine SL, Man Cave Event, ModeLS Magazine, Moondance Boutique, Next Gen Inc Adoption Agency, Preferred Land

Special thanks we extend to GABRIEL Fashion & Accessoires, Takuya Jinn, for allowing us to use his land for our show venues and for providing the Victor Secret outfit to the candidates. We thank also Giz Seorn for her generous sponsorship of the candidates attires in the Press Presentation. The L’Homme Magazine SL Management have invited the Top 3 winners, to be guest models in their future issues, which we are also grateful for and congratulate the Top 3 winners for this opportunity.

The team for this tenth pageant by MISS SL Organization has been

Diana Ballhaus – Co-Stream Host
Djembe Dragonfire – Stream Host, DJ and Entertainment
Hikaru Enimo – Judges Coordination
Rissa Bolissima – Executive Assistant, Runway Direction
Venom Zanzibar – Executive Assistant, Chief Hostess

We thank the team for their unconditional and tireless commitment. We also thank the past winners and finalists of the MISS SL, MR SL and YoungStar competitions for their mentorship towards the individual candidates to  MR SL ♛ 2019. Everyone’s contribution in the organization and process of our events is greatly appreciated and invaluable for the success.

The team and I also thank everyone, who came to support the candidates in their journey within this competition, to our shows and events. Your presence and cheering to the participants is their, and our, motivation. You all have shared many pictures from our events on the social media, which depict the great moments that will be fond memories for everyone of us.

We would like to share a few of the posts, which have been shared from yesterday’s event with you:



Lastly, I personally want to thank my husband, Hikaru Enimo, for his unconditional and fully dedicated support throughout this pageant, my family for their decency and patience and my team again, for their hard work.

It is fair to say, the MR SL ♛ 2019 pageant will remain a memorable event for everyone involved.

Thank you, everyone.

Gratefully yours,



© December 2018 – a MISS SL ORGANIZATION Press Release


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