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The third runway challenge in this years MR SL round is our Halloween challenge, this time dedicated to the american film director Tim Burton.

From Wikipedia (edited):

Timothy Walter Burton; born August 25, 1958 is an American film director, producer, artist, writer, and animator. He is known for his dark, gothic, eccentric, and quirky fantasy films such as BeetlejuiceEdward Scissorhands, the animated musical The Nightmare Before Christmas, the biographical film Ed Wood, the horror fantasy Sleepy Hollow, and later efforts such as Corpse BrideSweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet StreetDark Shadows, and Frankenweenie. He is also known for blockbusters such as the adventure comedy Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, the superhero films Batman and its first sequel Batman Returns, the sci-fi film Planet of the Apes, the fantasy drama Big Fish, the musical adventure film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the fantasy film Alice in Wonderland.

Halloween means many things to us: treats, ghosts, great movies, and above all, Tim Burton. Tim Burton movies often have a whimsical, creepy yet playful tone to them. They have an air of weirdness that is perfect for Halloween time. There’s certainly no halloween party possible without a character of Tim Burton’s movies, be it Jack Skellington, the Headless Horseman , The Hatter or Edward Scissorhands to name just a few.

Mad Hatter | Source: https://www.pinterest.se/purplehat26/

In this challenge we are asking our candidates to MR SL 2018 to create a styling, that is not just a simple off-the-rack costume anyone can buy in the stores to go to their Halloween party with. We are asking to mix and match a -one of a kind-, unique outfit, that no one else has… and all that, of course, with a little twist.

Please read below carefully:

  • Please research and choose a character of Tim Burton’s movies, that you think matches your own personality closest.
  • Create a styling, inspired by the character of your choice. Your styling shouldn’t be just a ‘throw-together’ of fantasy items, but a statement for the clothing that the character of your choice is known for. Eventually you will have to research the character of your choice more than just to know from the movie.
  • Choose appropriate accessories that benefit to showcase your character.
  • Here comes the twist: You must use in the clothing at least one additional color, that is not black, white, gray or brown. Handheld accessories, hairs, nails, shoes, make up, tattoos and jewelry do not count for an additional color in your styling.
  • You may create a scary, spooky, dark and quirky styling as you wish and as far as your inspiration takes you, but keep it PG rated please.
  • Please refrain from modifying your avatar shape overly. We understand that tweaks may be necessary to create a Tim Burton character.
  • Please be careful if you opt to choose a different skin /-tone. Remember to maintain your recognizability as MR SL candidate and model.
  • Choose a quote of one or two sentences from or about the character, that support and describe the character of your choice best. Keep that quote in a notecard please, you will need it in the challenge show only. You may ask a friend or a team member to review the quote for English grammar and spelling, if English is not your native language or you feel unsure about.
  • Choose a walk, a default pose and a set of poses for a stop of approximately 40 seconds to show your styling best. For this particular challenge you are allowed to use borderline artistic and expressionistic poses, that are not usually seen on fashion runways. However, do not allow prims or mesh breaking by your poses, avoid stretched textures and make sure, that your movements, the transitions from one pose to another, are smooth and realistically realizable.

Johnny Depp in Sleepy Hollow | Source: http://illusion.scene360.com

  • Please submit a styling description at the website form. We have sent you a notecard with the link and the password to submit the form, the name of the notecard is “Styling Card Submission / Website and Password“, and should be in your inventory.
  • In your styling description explain please, what is specific for the character and why it is your choice for this challenge.
  • Your styling description must be submitted and received by Friday, October 27, 2017 at 12:00 PM SLT. Please note the rewards, that were announced regarding the styling card submissions, which you can read about here. You may IM Marcus Lefevre in SL or on Discord to check, if the styling description has been received by our mail system.
  • Rehearsals for the runway challenge are scheduled for Friday, October 27, at 10:00 AM and 05:00 PM SLT.
  • Information about the walk order, VPC code, landmarks etc. will be sent to you in the early morning before the rehearsals.
  • The submission of a full styling description and the participation in at least one rehearsal are mandatory, to be eligible to walk in this challenge.
  • The third runway challenge is scheduled for Saturday, October 28, at 10:00 AM SLT and is open for public audience.

We hope that you enjoy this challenge and that we see some creative ideas for spooky and quirky Halloween outfits, that may inspire our audience too.

The team, Venom, Rissa and SaianSamuel have prepared a Halloween Party for the candidates, our audience and our friends, to begin after the challenge, at 01:00 PM SLT. We would be happy to see and welcome you and your friends and family, too.

Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ – Tea Party? | Source: http://www.fanpop.com

I wish you much fun and success with this runway challenge and hope, that you will enjoy it

Kind Regards

Marcus Lefevre

MISS SL Organization
Owner | Founder | Chairman

© October 2017 – MISS SL Organization
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