The application rounds for the MISS SL 2019 pageant are concluded and after two exciting auditions we are happy to have 26 official candidates entering the competition. In each audition we had 10 judges voting to see if our aspirants are able to compete for the MISS SL ♛ 2019 title. The aspirants had to receive four votes from the judges and all but one received enough votes to enter the competition. We have determined, that it was fair and sound, to let the one aspirant pass as well.

We will begin the competition in two weeks with the first runway challenge, which will be dedicated to Karl Lagerfeld. Before we are meeting the candidates and invite them to workshops, to ensure everyone is prepared for the upcoming competition best possible.

Today we are happy to announce the names of all official candidates and their assigned countries. The candidates are listed by their regular Second Life user name, as their candidacy and titles are locked to the account they have auditioned with, and in order by their country name:

MISS SL ♛ Australia 2019 – LillyoftheVeil
MISS SL Bangladesh 2019 – LiljaSerrao
MISS SL Brazil 2019 – Jullie Daines
MISS SL Canada 2019 – CheyenneS
MISS SL China 2019 – Copperbed2017
MISS SL France 2019 – Angelface1989
MISS SL Greece 2019 – Arion Vella
MISS SL ♛ Indonesia 2019 – Ptvdara
MISS SL Ireland 2019 – Nightssubbie
MISS SL Italy 2019 – Vocale
MISS SL ♛ Jamaica 2019 – MaxAna Birdsong
MISS SL Japan 2019 – Tosha Bergan
MISS SL Madagascar 2019 – Amethyst Starostin
MISS SL Malaysia 2019 – 5H4
MISS SL ♛ Mexico 2019 – Margot LaSalle
MISS SL Monaco 2019 – Candynette Metaluna
MISS SL Netherlands 2019 – Zivaah
MISS SL ♛ Portugal 2019 – RoyaleSun
MISS SL South Africa 2019 – Ginblosom
MISS SL South Korea 2019 – Zionp
MISS SL Spain 2019 – Lendariana
MISS SL ♛ Switzerland 2019 – Clementine58
MISS SL ♛ Thailand 2019 – MirandaMakaroff
MISS SL Trinidad and Tobago 2019 – Dementia Navarita
MISS SL UK 2019 – Nishiyo
MISS SL USA 2019 – Zephirabelle

We congratulate all candidates for their successful audition. The country titles are credited to the candidates for their participation in the MISS SL ♛ 2019 competition, assuming their appearance as finalists in the Grand Finale on June 1, 2019. If a candidate leaves the competition for any reason before the Grand Finale takes place, their country title is revoked. 

The first runway challenge, the Karl Lagerfeld tribute, takes place on March 9, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. SLT and is open for public attendance. The invitation will be sent on our social networks, our inworld group and our Discord server.

Yours sincerely,

Marcus Lefevre-Enimo

MISS SL Organization
Owner | Founder | Chairman

© February 2019 – MISS SL Organization


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