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Hello dear candidates,

we hope you have enjoyed our first runway challenge, as much as we did. We are grateful for the many pictures shared on the social networks and we have enclosed a selection of shared albums at the bottom. Before we have the second runway challenge, we are having our first photo challenge for you, Heroines and Villains.

Fierce, Fearless, powerful, invincible are some of the characteristics we adore Heroines and Villains for, sometimes and some since our youth. In this first photo challenge we ask you to create your own heroine or villain, to equip your character with the super powers and skills, you always wanted to have and to style the outfit, that this character likely would be seen with.

For your character you may be inspired by one or more of the heroes, heroines and villains, who are known from literature, comics and films. To create your own original character you may want to avoid a 1:1 copy of an existing hero, heroin or villain, despite that it may mean a “close to” – trademark infringement, if you do so. The idea really is, to create YOUR character, that is one of a kind, just as you are, too.

Please read below for the details:

First Steps:

  • Research for Heroines and Villains, their strengths, their powers, their skills and surely their characters with their background stories.
  • Create a character that you want to be, inspired by the Heroines and Villains you have researched and triggered your interest.
  • A character creation may mean, that you need to think about skin, shape etc to achieve certain looks. If you do so, please make sure to keep some resemblance to your original avatar.
  • Style an outfit for your character, which you think the character likely would be seen with. Eventually an outfit needs to have features, that support a characters skills or powers, i.e. feathers for a character, who can fly or scales for a nautical character.
  • While you may use masks to enhance your styling, you must not use full face masks. In fact we advice you to avoid using a mask, if you can.
  • While you are not limited with your imagination, your outfit may not be a “one-color-head-to-toe” outfit only. You must use two colors in your outfit, at least.
  • Choose accessories for your character, which are symbolic or supporting for the power and skills your character possesses.

Second Step:

  • To create a picture of your character, please think of a place, scene, backdrop you can take the picture with. It should be an environment, your character would be seen at, maybe the place they live at or a place they just leave after fighting victoriously their enemies.
  • Choose an editorial pose, to show details of your outfit best possible, but also to express your character and to have it appear naturally in your chosen scenery.
  • Take a picture, ideally in 4:3 or 3:4 ratio, but not limited to. Your final picture to submit should not be smaller than 1024 pixels wide or high.
  • You may edit your picture with software, such as Photoshop, as you like, but do not over process the image in a way that it changes your characters look.

Third Step:

  • Please request membership in this Flickr grouphttps://www.flickr.com/groups/3943176@N20/ ( exclusive for MISS SL ♛ 2018 candidates only / opted out )
  • Please create a name for your heroine or villain. You can use name generators or think an own name, but it should suit your character.
  • Upload your finished picture to Flickr, and add it to the group above.
  • Please write the title of your picture as following: MISS SL ♛ [ Your Country Name ] 2018 – [ Your Heroine / Villain Name ], i.e. MR SL ♛ Germany 2018 – Marcusito The Crusher
  • In the description field write above all “FIRST PHOTO CHALLENGE“, please.
  • Below add a description of your character please. In this description you can describe what powers and skills your character has, what she likes or dislikes… you can be creative with your description, but limit your text to 200 words.
  • Below the description add your full styling credits please. The styling credits do not add to the word limitation above.

Finally, important to know:

  • The picture must be taken and edited by you.
  • The picture must not contain any text. Text from i.e. signs in your scene is fine, of course.
  • The picture may not suggest, that it is from a certain movie or comic and it may not show any branding element, i.e. logos, which point to certain movies or comics.
  • The picture must be PG appropriate. To show skin is assumed natural for heroines and villains, but cover certain bits please.
  • You are allowed to submit more than one picture, but only your latest submission will be reviewed and considered from the judges.
  • Your picture must be posted and submit to the MISS SL 2018 Flickr group latest by Wednesday, March 21, at 12:00 p.m. SLT.

We wish you much fun with this photo challenge and look forward for your posts!

Thanks again for the many posted pictures from our first runway challenge yesterday:

Pictures by Moon Ling:



Pictures by Ocean Blackthorne:



The second runway challenge is scheduled for Saturday, March 24, at 10:00 a.m. SLT and will be situated at the Angel Manor Estate.

Warmest greetings,




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