Hello dear candidates,

it is time for the fifth and last regular runway challenge. As you already know, the expectations are high by now, not only by me, but by our esteemed judges and the audience, who have been supporting you throughout the competition, too.

In this coming runway challenge, we are reviving and renewing our Pierrot challenge, from the MISS SL 2015 pageant.

In the Pierrot challenge for the MISS SL 2015 pageant I wrote:

“Pierrot was a character initiated by an Italian group of artists performing in Paris. The defining characteristic of Pierrot is his naïvete: He is seen as a fool, often the butt of pranks, yet nonetheless trusting. He seems an anomaly among the busy social creatures that surround him; he is isolated, out of touch.

Pierrot has been used as character throughout centuries in Europe and America in different variations and is today a common known synonym for high sophisticated arts. Especially the fashion world find their challenge using Pierrot as motive to showcase designs and models.”

The fashion and modeling world can find a lot of inspiration in Pierrot, as did our candidates in the MISS SL 2015 pageant and many have enjoyed the challenge at the Rose Theatre’s Opera House.

We thought it would be not right to repeat the challenge itself, so we have thought of a new version for you. For the fifth runway challenge in the MISS SL 2018 pageant you are asked to bring Pierrot into the future, more particularly into the year 2068. This will allow you to play with extraordinary fabrics and elements, that may set your styling apart of the present and past. Your creativity and ability to realize your inspiration will be key notes for the judging of this challenge. The posing may be artistic, borderline and editorial to express your inspiration of Pierrot best, to actually “play” or “act” as Pierrot on the runway. As fun as that may sound already, there are limitations, respectively requirements for your color choices again, of course.

Please read below carefully:

  • Please research futuristic inspired Haute Couture collections, to find your inspiration to realize a Pierrot impersonating styling. You are not limited to any designer, year, season or fashion- respectively art movement.
  • Please style an outfit, impersonating Pierrot, as we’d imagine to be in the year 2068. By that, do not simply style like a clown, but the mysterious character we all know and wonder about in pantomimes and theater performances. Make it artistically and creatively sophisticated, be unique.
  • You must use three (3) colors in your outfit, from which one (1) must be a primary color or a secondary color (RGB, CMY or RYB). Black and White count as colors too, but are not considered a primary (less a secondary color). ( E.g. a – If you use black and white, you require one third color, which is a primary or a secondary color. b – If you use black and orange, you need to choose a third color to incorporate in your styling. This third color could be any, since orange is considered a secondary color. c – If you use white and brown, you must choose a third color, which is a primary or secondary color, to incorporate in your styling. )
  • The usage of your three colors does not apply to: hair, jewelry, handheld accessory, makeup, tattoos, shoes, nails.
  • Please refrain from using masks that will hide your entire face.

  • Please choose a default pose, an appropriate walk and a pose set for about 60 seconds to present your styling.
  • Please prepare a reverse pose for your styling.
  • Please refrain from using animated poses.
  • You are free to use artistic, borderline and editorial poses to express your Pierrot styling and character on the runway, but you must still adhere to the basics of runway posing:

– Feet must not be off the ground (check your hover height, always)
– Poses should not stretch or break the fabric of your clothing
– Hair and body parts should not go into the clothing
– When holding an item, be sure that your movements are natural

  • We encourage you to prepare a 360° turn with your poses, but this time it is not compulsory.
  • Please describe in your styling card submission, how Pierrot inspires you emotionally and for your styling.
  • Please remember the word limit of 150 – 200 words. This time, we will cut every text with more than 200 words at our sole discretion.
  • Please include links of your research for your inspiration on the links field of the form.
  • Your styling description must be submit until Thursday, April 26, at 06:00 p.m. SLT.
  • Rehearsals are scheduled for Friday, April 27, at 10:00 a.m. SLT and 05:00 p.m. SLT. It is mandatory to attend one of the both rehearsals, to be eligible to walk in the challenge.

The fourth runway challenge is scheduled for Saturday, April 28, at 10:00 a.m. SLT. We are very excited for this challenge and hope you are too. We are looking forward to see your styling ideas!

Kind Regards,



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