Announcing the result – photographed by Moen Ling

In yesterday’s first audition for the MISS & MR SL ♛ YoungStar 2018 pageant we saw a group of determined, but disciplined and well prepared aspirants. They have shown their styling ideas inspired by movie characters or stars. All aspirants have performed flawlessly and the judges have honored it with their voting. Rarely I agree nowadays to have a stage appearance myself, unless I really have to or, like yesterday, feel for it… but when I saw the tendency in the incoming votes, I could not other but to let everyone know the results right away.

The judges agreed in a mind blowing unanimity, that all of the aspirants were good enough to move up into the competition as official candidates. Therefor the following aspirants from the first audition have been selected to be official candidate to MISS & MR SL ♛ YoungStar 2018:

Breitta Lexico
Bret Venom
Princess Ornamental

I’m very grateful to the judges for their kind gesture to let all our aspirants pass, with the intention to give the aspirants a chance to evolve and grow in the coming weeks within the competition. Thanks to all judges, who have committed yesterday to share with us their time and expertise.

It is also to my delight to see the row of sponsors and supporters, joining us in the idea of the YoungStar pageants, to support the younger appearing members of our community and their interest in modeling and pageantry, and our event. My team and I feel tremendously encouraged by your trust.

I’d also like to thank the many, who came to the audience cheering to the aspirants. Your attendance at our events is the aspirants and our motivation. We hope that you have enjoyed the audition as much as the aspirants and we did.

We have proceeded after the audition with the title assignment for the newly selected official candidates, and it’s my honor to publish the candidates titles for their participation in the MISS & MR SL ♛ YoungStar 2018 pageant:

Boyo524 – MR SL ♛ Asgard 2018
Breitta Lexico – MISS SL ♛ Halloween Town 2018
Bret Venom – MR SL ♛ The Oasis 2018
CarolinaOmena – MISS SL ♛ Luna Nova 2018
Dylanlaycroff – MR SL ♛ Wonderland 2018
Geordy – MR SL ♛ Borduria 2018 
Mackynzye – MISS SL ♛ Mystic Falls 2018
Princess Ornamental – MISS SL ♛ SugarPlum’s 2018
Vapide – MR SL ♛ Mega City 2018

The titles are granted for the participation in the upcoming MISS & MR SL ♛ YoungStar 2018 pageant and are officially acknowledged upon a candidates participation in the Grand Finale challenges. We congratulate the candidates for the result of yesterday’s audition and look forward for the weeks of events and challenges ahead with you.

I want to thank everyone again, for their part in our audition show yesterday, but especially my team, who have ensured a flawless organization and production again.

Pictures by Ocean Blackthorne


Pictures by Moen Ling


The second application round for the MISS & MR SL ♛ YoungStar 2018 pageant opens with this publication and we are inviting everyone to try their luck. Please find the information about entry conditions and the application here.

The second audition for the MISS & MR SL ♛ YoungStar 2018 pageant is scheduled to take place on July 30, at 10:00 a.m. SLT.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours respectfully





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