“This was one of the most fun experiences of my SL ! Show how creative you are and just experience something new !” – Kenzie Thomas Numbers, MR SL ♛ YoungStar 2017

One year has passed since we begun with the MISS & MR SL ♛ YoungStar competition. We have received a great deal of positive feedback since, encouraging us in continuing the competition. The finalists and winners of last years competition, especially MISS SL ♛ YoungStar 2017, Aly and MR SL ♛ YoungStar 2017, Kenzie Thomas Numbers have accompanied our ventures celebrating Beauty, Creativity and Talent ever since and have become valuable assets not only to MISS SL Organization, but to the modeling and pageant community. Kenzie and his first runner up, MR SL ♛ Zion 2017, Bouyah even received invitations to the MISS SL Agency and were invited to walk as models in several high-profile fashion shows. It is without doubt, that we are certain to want to continue this story of success, with the MISS & MR SL ♛ YoungStar 2018 Pageant.

The search for MISS & MR SL ♛ YoungStar 2018 starts today and we have two auditions scheduled. After the two auditions we will have two runway challenges and one photo challenge with the candidates selected from the auditions. All will lead up to the MISS & MR SL ♛ YoungStar 2018 Grand Finale, which is scheduled for July 28. Before and between the two auditions and the challenges we will invite the aspirants and candidates for optional workshops to provide basic tools they may require for an unstressful and flawless performance and hope that it may encourage some to join the competition, who otherwise would not.



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We are inviting you for a new, fabulous celebration of Beauty, Creativity and Talent, MISS & MR SL ♛ YoungStar 2018, and look forward for your application and for an exciting journey ahead!






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