Photography by Hikaru Enimo

The year 2017 passed way to fast for my personal taste, everything went so very quick. It has been a year on which I will look back mostly with good memories. I will not deny, it has been a tough year as well, very much so. In consequence I feel myself more and more unable to express publicly how I feel, what I think or what I want to do, some may have noticed so. The public slaughtering, that some do nowadays, has a terribly disturbing taste.

To the end of this year I am excited for the upcoming MISS SL pageant, more so than ever. I do think, that most of my personal motivation has grown due to the massive support and encouragement through my husband, Hikaru, and I am grateful for the continued support by my team, the judges we have invited and the sponsors.  More so I am taken back by the huge response we are experiencing and the positive feedback I am getting. The recent MISS and MR SL rounds, and the results, have been a great lesson to me, too. Hence it will be my utmost mission to iron the processes within and involving MISS SL Organization to justify the slogan “A fabulous celebration of Beauty, Creativity and Talent” to full scale. It never can be perfect, but if I can do anything, then to find ways to bring everything near perfection.

While unintentionally breaking the websites and the following weeks to fix all sites, I totally forgot, that I yet had to publish the results of the MR SL 2018 pinup challenge, which I would like to do today though. The finalists had to showcase the Dahriel leather jewelry set by Moondance Boutique and all submissions can be seen here.

The three top voted submissions for the MR SL 2018 Pinup Challenge have been by

MR SL ♛ Italy 2018 – AarronMillerMilles

MR SL ♛ Italy 2018 - Second Photo Challenge

MR SL ♛ Ireland 2018 – ChrLstiangrey

MR SL ♛ Ireland 2018 - Second Photo Challenge

and MR SL ♛ Spain 2018 – Cataligna90

MR SL ♛ Spain 2018 - Second Photo Challenge

Once again, I congratulate the winners of this second photo challenge and thank all finalists for their very inspiring submissions.

Talking about results I would like to invite everyone to help us finding a decision. Taking the recent discussion into credit, we are thinking, that it might be an applicable solution to publish the results of the pageants, limited to the Top 3 or Top 5 winners only though. It has been always my understanding, that we do need to protect the candidates privacy and interests, especially for their future endeavours. To publish the Top 3 or Top 5 winners results will be a compromise, that I personally can agree on.

You can participate in the voting and establishing process by leaving a comment or vote at our newly created Suggestions forum, here.

Generally I would be happy to see, if you submit ideas or suggestions, what we should do to make MISS SL Organization better. The new support portal is finally functioning after three weeks hard work and will enable you all to participate more into the organization.

I am looking forward to work with the new websites in the upcoming year 2018 and hope you will be able to enjoy the content we are posting, from the Pour SL Femme and Pour SL Homme bloggers, the MISS and MR SL candidates and finalists and everything else too. Additionally, I may point out, that we do accept your posts too. If you have a new event, you would like to promote, a new release, a place you think we all should know about, or you have some other important information you want to share with everyone, please submit your posts, here, and we will gladly review your submission.

Before the year ends, I will have fixed the Pour SL Femme feed to function, too and look then forward for 2018 to come, to work with our MR SL 2018 – Tony Lee Deveraux, a new group of MISS SL candidates, the YoungStars, with my team and with you, to continue our celebration.

The first event in 2018 will be the first audition for the MISS SL 2018 pageant, on January 20, at 10:00 a.m. SLT. The aspirants applying for the audition can be seen here.  Further in February we have the honor to produce the second edition of a L’Homme Magazine SL Fashion show. I cannot express enough my gratefulness to my husband for his trust into MISS SL Agency and me. We will have then the second audition for the MISS SL 2018 Pageant to begin the competition shortly after.

All together we have quite a lot of plans for the new year.

I will do everything possible on my part, to make the new year 2018 a better one, than 2017 already was. I may encourage everyone, to keep up their faith and hope, to follow their dreams to the best possible extent. Please know, everything that happens in our world, does happen for reasons, as so often stated. I am highly convinced, that everything turns for the better and best at some point. Even though we may not recognize it yet, but the good will, the kind heart and courageous mind in us will lead to victory over those, filled with hate and jealousy, always.

I do wish you all, your loved ones and your families and friends to have beautiful Christmas days and a good start into the new year, 2018.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sincerely yours,




© December 2017 – MISS SL ORGANIZATION
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