It is with great pleasure to announce the FASHICON SL competition today. The FASHICON SL competition consists of monthly styling challenges, leading up to an annual event to select the stylist of the year, the FASHICON. The monthly styling challenges are to be published at the 15th of every month by the MISS SL Organization and at the 18th of every month by our media partner ModeLS Magazine. The styling ideas will be presented by the aspirants in runway shows at every 4th Sunday of a month, at 09:00 a.m. SLT.

The participation in the FASHICON SL challenges is simple:

  • Everyone can join a styling challenge, at any month of their choice.
  • Every participant will submit their styling ideas including a description of their inspiration, using a web based form on our website.
  • The styling ideas must be submit by Thursday before the runway show takes place.
  • To present their styling ideas, the participants will prepare a default pose and a walk, and a pose set for about 40 – 60 seconds.
  • Every participant must join the rehearsal on the Saturday before the runway show takes place, at 02:00 p.m. SLT.
  • Ten independent judges score the participants styling ideas and presentation within the runway shows.

The top 3 scored participants of a month’s styling challenge qualify to participate  in the FASHICON SL 2019 competition, to be held in July 2019. The top scored participant assumes the title “FASHICON [Month Year]” (i.e. FASHICON July 2018), officially acknowledged by MISS SL Organization, for their modeling resume and other promotional usage.

Additionally, a participant who was scored within the top 3 of one month’s styling challenge can join any of the other months styling challenges, without risking their qualification for the FASHICON SL 2019 competition.

The top scored participant of each months styling challenge will receive a professional photography of their styling and will get interviewed and featured for and in the following issue of the ModeLS Magazine. Other benefits for the top scored participants may vary throughout the months and will get announced individually with each styling challenge, depending on sponsorships and opportunities.

The FASHICON SL 2019 competition in July next year will be part of the MISS SL Award for Excellence event. Details will be published in due time.

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