For our second audition yesterday, we were quite unsure, how many of the 12 called applicants actually would show up. As we are aware of this nature of auditions, we have asked the candidates from the first audition, to support the aspirants and to join them in the show. As the second rehearsal cóncluded on Friday, we knew we would have 6 aspirants, walking together with 5 of the candidates. 10 judges were asked to evaluate and vote, if the aspirants are fit to be a candidate in the MR SL ♛ 2019 competition.

Four aspirants have received votes from all 10 judges, one has received 8 votes, and one received 7 votes. As the aspirants had to receive 4 votes to be selected, we have now 6 new official candidates from this second audition, to compete in the MR SL ♛ 2019 pageant.

In an unusual, but not unprecedented act, we have allowed one more applicant to audition today, in front of 5 judges.  All 5 judges have unanimously found this aspirant to be fit to be a candidate.

And this are all 7 new candidates , in no particular order, but alphabetical by their Second Life account name:

Boyzn Sorbet
Perseo Nikolaidis

For the participation in the competition, the newly selected candidates have been assigned to the following countries, listed in the order we have received their country choices:

Perseo Nikolaidis – MR SL ♛ Greece 2019
Boyzn Sorbet – MR SL ♛ Egypt 2019
Chaoticfire86 – MR SL ♛ Iceland 2019
Murhdur – MR SL ♛ China 2019
Radcula – MR SL ♛ Canada 2019
Nimatrix – MR SL ♛ Venezuela 2019
Dahriel – MR SL ♛ Israel 2019

We congratulate these gentlemen for their success in our audition. We look forward to work with each of you for the upcoming competition. All of you should have received an invitation to the MISS SL Pageant group, in which we will post further informations about the MR SL ♛ 2019 competition.

As the application rounds and the auditions are concluded now, this is the list of all official candidates with their assigned countries, in alphabetical order by their country name:

MR SL ♛ Australia 2019 – xxdiegox
MR SL ♛ Canada 2019 – Radcula
MR SL ♛ China 2019 – Murhdur
MR SL ♛ Colombia 2019 – llJoe
MR SL ♛ Egypt 2019 – Boyzn Sorbet
MR SL ♛ France 2019 – Basil Moonites
MR SL ♛ Germany 2019 – Zunakur
MR SL ♛ Greece 2019 – Perseo Nikolaidis
MR SL ♛ Iceland 2019 – Chaoticfire86
MR SL ♛ India 2019 – lll3luelll Carter
MR SL ♛ Indonesia 2019 – Djohar
MR SL ♛ Ireland 2019 – Dstauffsl2
MR SL ♛ Israel 2019 – Dahriel
MR SL ♛ Italy 2019 – AaronMillerMilles
MR SL ♛ Jamaica 2019 – Ac3b3lL
MR SL ♛ Japan 2019 – RichardGrataineSuoh
MR SL ♛ Kenya 2019 – Bluesman Rae
MR SL ♛ Lebanon 2019 – LukaBenton
MR SL ♛ Mexico 2019 – THEFANTASYANGELSProduction
MR SL ♛ Norway 2019 – Amereck Arabello
MR SL ♛ Spain 2019 – Spike Clemenceau
MR SL ♛ Sweden 2019 – Knightmaer
MR SL ♛ UK 2019 – PrettyBoyG
MR SL ♛ USA 2019 – Saddii
MR SL ♛ Venezuela 2019 – Nimatrix

This candidates list also represents the official walk-order for runway challenges. The walk-order gets reversed for every second runway challenge. The Press Presentation and ‘Victor Secret’ challenge may or may not require an alternative walk-order, depending on various factors, such as color assignments for the provided outfits and others.

We congratulate again all gentlemen for their success in our auditions. We are excited to begin the MR SL ♛ 2019 pageant now.

We thank everyone who took part in the both auditions, especially our generous sponsors, whose invaluable support we are very grateful for. Special thanks we extend to our esteemed judges, who have offered their time and expertise and have allowed our aspirants to succeed. We also thank the back- and front stage team, Rissa Bolissima, Venom Zanzibar, Djembe Dragonfire and Diana Balhaus for their hard work for yesterday’s show.

We also thank the many, who came to watch the aspirants on our runway again. Your support is tremendously important to the aspirants, and to us. A great many pictures from the show have been posted on the social networks too, and we would like to share some with you:

Pictures by MR SL ♛ Czech Republic, Wassaabii

Pictures by Ocean Blackthorne, Bakaboo

Pictures by Moon Ling, L’Homme Magazine SL and NEO-Japan SL

We are looking forward to begin with the MR SL ♛ 2019 competition now. Before the candidates compete in the first runway challenge, we are inviting the candidates to a General Meeting, in which we will inform the candidates about the pageant schedule, details about each event and their participation, next Saturday, October 20th, at 10:00 a.m. SLT. On the same day, and on Sunday, October 21st, we are also meeting the candidates in workshops, to provide tools and detailed knowledge necessary for a successful participation in a pageant. Both, the General Meeting and the workshop (one of the both scheduled) are mandatory for every candidate to attend. Informations about the General Meeting and the Workshops will be sent in the MISS SL Pageant group and the #Pageant channel of our Discord Server.

The first runway challenge is scheduled for October 27th, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. SLT and is open for public attendance.

Congrats and thank you everyone again.


Marcus Lefevre-Enimo

MISS SL Organization
Owner | Founder | Chairman

© October 2018 – MISS SL Organization


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