Relax & mist

Chez Moi: Jacuzzi Patio and Double Flower Pot @ Cosmopolitan Chez Moi: Wind Chime Day Spa Aphrodite: Tropical drinks tray Trompe Loeil: Eloa Flower Chair Sari Sari: Summer House – towel [...]

From above

The Little Branch Norway Maple (left) Canadian Red Maple  (right) Grass Mangrove Tree (back) Pink poppies Sugar Maple (back) All trees with season hud and animated

Just Jestyr 2018-08-27 14:28:06

Trailer: DRD – Trailer Park Gacha – Large Trailer (RARE) Flags: DRD – Trailer Park Gacha – American Flag Flag on pole: DRD – Trailer Park Gacha – Flag Pole Target practice: DRD – Trailer [...]

•{ To Be Forgotten . . .

What’s it like to be forgotten?  Tossed aside for something else.  Have the stories lost in memory  Not even placed upon a shelf. Why has history written it out? Why is the [...]

Just Jestyr 2018-08-18 09:05:13

New mainstore release from Apple Fall! Check out the catalog to see all the individual pieces available. It’s a HUGE collection. Sofa: Apple Fall – Looking East Collection [...]

•{ Cautionary Shed . . .

Come inside the garden shed  The beams are low So watch your head. The sun is bright Things look inviting Could their be a secret hiding?  With all the delights to see What danger could [...]