A Thank you letter
by Marcus Lefevre
MR SL 2018 Pageant


When people hear the phrase ‘fashion model’, they may think of a celebrity or a life where they teleport from one fashion show to the next. The potential careers of a fashion model, however, are varied and more demanding than some might think. Models in the fashion world work in promoting clothes and accessories to fashion buyers for major brands, the media, and agencies. Fashion models work in various fields, including store, print, runway modeling, but also, more often nowadays, as fashion blogger.

While the education requirements to be a fashion model are flexible, there are many skills you’ll need to possess to forge a successful career in this field. You’ll need to be flexible, dependable, reliable, hardworking, and capable of taking direction. Whether you’re a runway model or a blogger, you need to understand and be able to convey the emotion and attitude of the brand you’re representing.

At MISS SL Academy we provide you with the tools required to obtain the knowledge and skills, which will bring you forward, in the field of the modeling career that you find interesting for yourself and that you want to commit to. We are offering three different level of courses, which will pick you up at the stage of experience you have and will help you to find your very own direction for a fashion model career.

Basic Course > Blogger or Runway – what do you really want?
  • 101
  • Modeling in Second Life?
  • Introduction
  • Start a blog
  • Social Networks
  • Promote yourself
L$ 2.000

  • 102
  • Basics about your Shape
  • Editing prims
  • Basic Theory of colors
  • Editorial Poses
  • Basic Photography
L$ 2.000

  • 103
  • Feedback on Homework
  • Evaluation by Head Teachers
L$ 0

Intermediate Course > Become a model!
  • 201
  • The Fashion Industry in SL
  • Fashion Styles
  • Research
  • Ethics, Professionalism & Discipline
  • A Role Model?
L$ 3.000

  • 202
  • Anatomy and Proportions
  • Theory of Colors
  • Skins and Skin Tones
  • Mesh Bodies, – body parts
L$ 3.000

  • 203
  • AO`s & HUD`S
  • Walking a Runway
  • Posing
  • Lag Reducing
  • Be Prepared!
L$ 3.000

  • 204
  • Styling
  • Mix and match
  • Think outside of the box
  • Make it your own
L$ 3.000

  • 205
  • Final Workshop
  • Presentation
  • Exam – Evaluation by all available teachers
L$ 0

Before entering MISS SL Academy as student, we will evaluate in a personal interview your level of experience. Following the advice from the interview, you will be able to select the basic or the intermediate course for your education in MISS SL Academy. If you have been advised to the basic course, you may to choose the intermediate course following your successful certification from the basic course. The advanced course will only be available to those who graduated from the intermediate course. Information, schedule and pricing for the advanced course will be available in Spring 2018.

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