Photography by Hikaru Enimo-Lefevre

Two weeks have passed since the Grand Finale of the MR SL ♛ 2019 pageant, with Dahriel as winner. Kat Carter, writer for MISS SL Magazine, has sat down with Dahriel. to ask him how he felt during the competition and about his win:


KC: It has been some time, since the last time we sat down. There has been so much that has changed, your store, the events and your latest accomplishment, being selected by the judges as the new MR SL♛ 2019. How did you manage to juggle everything?

Dahriel: Really, I don’t know how I am doing all this, but I have a wonderful team, who help me with everything. It makes everything easier.

KC: I know Stephano’s support has been always tremendously important to you. Did he help you in other ways, besides supporting you during the competition?

Dahriel: Of course. He is my biggest supporter also in my real life. He is there, always when I need him, also when I feel sad. He is always there for me, to get me up every time I fall. I am so lucky that he is in my both lives.

KC: How did you manage all the stress managing your store, the events, real life and the competition?

Dahriel: Everything has been really hard, because I changed my real life job. I have a lot work to catch up with, to study new songs, learn choreographies and a lot of scripts for the shows, and the deadlines were pretty tight. So everything happened in the same time, my real life changes, the events, my store, pageant candidates  asking me for custom poses, and finally my own participation in MR SL. But I can say, it was an amazing experience.

KC: You have created pose sets for pageant candidates for well more than 4 years, what made you to decide to join yourself this year?

Dahriel: It always has been my dream, to participate in the MR SL competition, but my work schedule didn’t allow me to join. I have not been able to reconcile everything, but this year, and I had a lot of desire to challenge myself in a competition of this magnitude.

KC: Do you think being a well known creator and event owner yourself made the competition easier or harder for you?

Dahriel: I was scared, because I know people would expect see wonderful things from me. I did not want to disappoint anyone. It probably  is easier, when nobody knows you. That way everyone can get impressed about a new talent, but when they know you, the expectations are higher, and I had to deliver that!

KC: How do you feel about your personal performance in the competition?

Dahriel: I think I did my best. I have worked hard for each styling, after reading all the requirements, researching about designers and collections that were asked for each challenge. You need to know black is my comfort zone, but Marcus is not exactly a fan of black. That gave me more motivation to work my the challenges.

KC: How did it feel to have to step out of your comfort zone and actually use colors, you never to wear before?

Dahriel: I felt really good, also because I decided to represent Israel. Everyone knows me as pale, blonde, and androgynous, but I said to me: ”Ok, this is a pageant, let’s to do something different. I selected Israel, to show a tan and handsome guy, who could fit perfectly in any style.

Photography by Hikaru Enimo-Lefevre

KC: How long did it take adjusting your look to match the features of an Israeli?

Dahriel: It took me one day. I have tried dozens of skins to see, which could work better. Picking a skin was the hardest part, the rest was easier.  From there I only had to add details. It was really funny to create it.

KC: Were there other reasons for you to choose Israel?

Dahriel: I have Arabian blood, my grand grandfather was Arabian.

KC: How did you feel to represent Israel with your national costume in the Grand Finale?

Dahriel: I am very proud of it. My national costume was created by Cheerno for me. He did a beautiful and perfect work with it, I felt so handsome wearing it.

KC: Was it your favorite outfit in the entire competition?

Dahriel: Yes it was really my favorite, because it was made exclusive for this occasion, and it has the soul and spirit of Israel we wanted to show.

KC: What was your second favorite outfit?

Dahriel: I loved the Victor Secret outfit too, Gabriel made a fabulous, sexy harness for this challenge. The Hollywood Monsters challenge outfit was wonderful to create, too. I love to do fantasy styling, but I think this was the hardest one. It is hard to embody a monster, and keeping your face recognizable. Most monsters are identified by facial signatures, so that was the hardest one. But I loved all of the challenge, Galliano was amazing to do too, and Junya Watanabe too.

KC: How did you feel, when you were announced as the winner, MR SL ♛ 2019?

Dahriel: To that time I was exhausted, but I was so nervous too. I really wanted to win, but I thought MR SL ♛ Lebanon, Luka Benton would win. He was my favorite during the competition. When I heard Luka’s name, I was so confused, but then they said my name as MR SL 2019. I felt like muted. I really could not believe it.

KC: Who do you think was your biggest competitor, besides Luka and yourself?

Dahriel: I think MR SL Colombia did a nice job in the contest, and of course MR SL ♛ Ireland. The rest of the finalists did a great job too, but I think some of them need to learn more and to work more especially on their shape, but also posing – I think both things are significantly important to add for a perfect look.

KC: What are you plans for your reign as MR SL 2019?

Dahriel: I will offer all my experience to MISS SL Organization, and try to reach as many people. I want to show as much as possible about the world of men’s fashion. I am already thinking of several projects I would like to do. I also would like to guide and mentor aspiring models and pageant candidates.

KC: Do you have any suggestion for designers about men’s fashion?

Dahriel: More male fashion is needed. We men spend money to look good too, but we do not have many choices. I think this year male fashion has experienced a fine boost, but we need more.I think it also needs more creativity, but all is going into the right direction at the moment.

KC: Do you have anything you would like to say to the readers for the future?

Dahriel: I would to say, that one never should stop to research and learn about fashion. It is a world in which you can express your emotions, and that is an important of our beings in Second Life. Most of us are here to express ourselves. The fashion world provides all the tools, to show what we are.


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