It was time to go back home. Her original flight had bene delayed due to the weather and then they had to push her on to another flight due to overcrowding. In the end she spent more time in the airport lobby than she wanted and was now on the last flight of the day.

It was only half full. After spending weeks around too many people and barely having a moment to herself, not having anyone sit next to her was a welcomed relief. She tossed her bag in the empty seat and let out a sigh.

She ordered a tea and once the seatbelt sign was turned off she lounged in her chair. It was night, so there was hardly anything to see out the window. Still, looking out in the night sky gave her a peaceful feeling and the movement of the clouds seemed to play along to the lull of the engines.

It would be a few hours before the plane touched down and when it did, she had no doubt that her phone would beginning sounding off with notifications. Officially she had two more days of vacation left, but as the plane made its way forward she felt that time shrinking.

Settling into a comfortable position she closed her eyes. If this was all the time she was going to have to herself, she was going to enjoy the quiet of the late night flight.

Jacket: Sabotage: Off-Shoulder Denim Jacket
Top: Scandalize Originals .Elva.TOP.
Pants: Blueberry – Jolene Jeans – Vox

Empyrean Forge: Minuet Choker
::KAZ:: Baby blue Ipod white armband

Pose: FOXCITY.. Budget Flyer Bento Pose Set @ Kustom9 {Until Nov. 10th}
Background:FOXCITY..Photo Booth – Flight Club (Night) @ Kustom9 {Until Nov. 10th}

Other Items
.: ryvolter :. Gabardine Backpack – Camel
Apple Fall Books & Map
FOXCITY. GSits VOL1-7 Coffee Tumbler Prop

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