Didn’t heed the warnings
Didn’t see the signs
The pictures on the walls
And the hand with painted lines

The room was oddly inviting
But that was just the trick

Look into the mirror my dear
Check your appearance there
But Vanity’s a sin, that’s clear
Now you’re going nowhere . . .

Scene Setting:

• From UnKindness – Bewitching Corner @ Lootbox September
uK – Bewitching Corner Celestial Table
uK – Bewitched Corner Spell Caster Book
uK – Bewitching Corner Cushion Familiar
uK – Bewitching Corner Rug Black Cats
uK – Bewitching Corner Spellbook Pile
uK – Bewitching Corner Cauldron Candles


SAYO – Arcane Occult Gacha – Crystals Cluster
SAYO – Arcane Occult Gacha – Preserved Rose
SAYO – Arcane Occult Gacha – Heartline Palm
SAYO – Arcane Occult Gacha – Moon Phases


• from Refuge – Electic Halloween Gacha @Salem

Refuge – Eclectic Halloween Gacha
Refuge – Industrial Hallway Table
Refuge – Golden Pumpkin Group
Refuge – Boo Table Stand
Refuge – Medical Wall Hanging Head
Refuge – Medical Wall Hanging Skeleton


NOMAD // Industrial Coffee Table // .07
DRD – Boho Backyard – Curtain

:[Plastik]: – Coffee Couch / Chair @ Salem

{ DH } Trapped Mirror RARE

Build is llorisen // wilby pied-a-terre skybox v2

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