Hair: MODULUS – Jon Hair at The Mens Department August 2018

Eyebrow Applier: CLEF DE PEAU – Eyebrows v.27 Brown [OMEGA] Applier , at mainstore

Mesh Head: VISTA ANIMATIONS – Gerard Bento Mesh Head, at mainstore

Mesh Head Skin Applier: L’ETRE – Gerard [Vista] Applier (Includes Browless/Brows, 1 shape) , at L’etre mainstore and at Vista mainstore

Mesh Body: SIGNATURE – Male Mesh Body Gianni at mainstore

Mesh Body Skin Applier: L’ETRE MAN – Signature Mesh Body Gianni Applier at mainstore

Ears: L’ETRE LES ACCESSOIRES – Ringed Mesh Ears
(12 different skin tones and 3 ways to wear. Color change for 5 different parts of the piercings.) at mainstore

Cigarette : [ KUNST ] – Slim Cigarette at Mainstore

Necklace: AMIAS – NEHA (male 3) at mainstore

Top: CHEERNO – Western Shirt (Dark), at Equal10 Event August – September 2018

Tattoo: BOLSON – Wynehouse from SummerFest 2018 Event, coming soon at mainstore, NEW LM to be announced.

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