Urban 312

Dura - U87  (Unisex hair) @ Neo JapanED. Hype Boots @ Neo JapanED. Kenzo  Bomber Jacket @ Neo JapanED. Kenzo Bandana & Hat @ Neo JapanED. Kenzo Pant @ Neo JapanThe Bearded Guy  [...]


hair:tram H0919 hairPewpew! Bubble Tea - Strawberry (Bento Wear Me)@Uber[INK] Female Eyebrows 06@ NEOJAPANeye:[CX] Helix Nebula Eyes/GG[VALE KOER] DARKSHADOW PARKA FATPACK

Coming For You

"I am coming for youSo watch what you doI intend to be cruel to you and youshould watch what you doWhen my hands are on youCuz I'm coming for you (and you and you and you)"Jensen Hair - lock [...]


hair:[monso] My Hair - Moonchoker:Air_Kirin choker_All color Fatcoat:+HILU+vagrant(Maitreya)/BLACK [...]

Neo-Japan Event

Hair: [monso] My Hair - Moon  @ Neo- Japan Hair sticks : .:E.A Studio:. Kanjiro  @ Neo- Japan Dress / Harness : * EXiA * Sarara Kimono and [...]