Nothing is ever quiet the same when you’ve lost someone close to you. It’s like they take a piece of you with the when they go, and that space can never be filled.

We try though. We try to fill it with pictures and fond memories. We remember all the fun times and the laughter shared with that person.  We take these things and try to stuff them in the hole so that it won’t be empty anymore. It works – but only for a short time – and then we’re back to where we started. 

How, then, do you deal with grief? Where’s the enrollment papers for the 6-week course that we can take to learn how to fill up the hole and move on with our lives? Where’s the off switch  to flick that will keep  guilt from rising up like weeds? :“I should have spoken to you more.”, “I didn’t mean what I said.”, “I should have been there.”,

There’s never enough time is there? Couldn’t there have been just one more day? One more hour? One more minute? 

It’s been a year but it may as well have been yesterday. 

So tell me, when does it start to get better? 

Outfit: Addams // Valentina LaceJumper // N*38
Pose / Prop: {Bittersweet + Strange} Poses – My Sword and Shield {Available Aug. 17th}

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