Special Featured Edition *SR* Product Review Take II: *SR* wavelet (Okinawa Summer Festival)

~If you are wanting the other product info in the pic please email me with what you want to know otherwise that there is my personal home and assume it’s the usual landscaping suspects~

Hellos All!… Hope you are having a fine start to your weekend and welcome to my 2nd ever full on product review. If you are confused as to what was my 1st one; don’t worry to much about it because that one was a short lived negative review last month on SR kare san sui that has long been sent to the trash.

Now why am I so quickly coming back with a 2nd review of a SR Product? Backstory time… After I wrote that review the SR creator was very discouraged to ever create again and I knew those feels oh so well because I’ve been there!

Back when I was a itsy bitsy teenie weenie… yellow polka dot… (you’re welcome)Blogger who didn’t know jack squat about how to do things I applied to blog for a certain store and I was so DENIED! and that left me so so heartbroken. To this very day I don’t even know why I was that upset because I still get rejected but I never took it so bad before or since then… but anyway, that particular rejection lit some kind of fire under my dayum ass and for the next few months Lil Wayne’s ‘Prom Queen’ became my personal anthem as I put my nose to the grindstone to become a better artist and blogger. Don’t ask it just was and in the end I did get my “Moby Dick” creator down the road.

So, after I heard how heartbroken the SR creator was over my words I made a point to write a letter and in this letter I said “I would love it if you kept at it and made something so wonderful that all I could say was “Wow” and eat my words from the review.” and since then I’ve been making a point to see just what would be created next because it was never a matter of if it was a matter of when they did make me say “Wow”. And, It just so happens that I have been looking for better waves than what Skye Studio has to offer on their beach kit so I was greatly interested in the SR waves so I might have bought them and was impressed enough to actually replace all my meh waves at home with these new ones.

Now with that long winded introduction to this review out of the way, I am preparing some words for dinner tonight… hope they go great with curry on the menu… But, now I’m happy to present the SR wavelet… 

Where to start?… How about on the “Big Three”…Textures, LOD/Mesh, and User Friendliness that I talked about in my 1st review.

  • Textures– Amazing and the waves looked realistic and of course who can say No to glitter! Even the “for show” beach & sea foam texture was amazing and now I really want sea foam in my SL life *sniff sniff*.
  • LOD/Mesh– The mesh was so well made when I did the LOD test in the demo area of the event and it wouldn’t break one bit as one by one the other demos did. So A+ because not only did it not break but it also is LI friendly at staying around 1-3 prims with resizing for my personal home beaches. Also as an added note… I didn’t find a single tear which even well known power house creators miss on many occasion.
  • User Friendliness– Not only was there a “build your own version” but there was a ready to use as well that really only required some simple resizing. Also I really loved how the animation synced up with all the waves..this was always an eye twitching thing with the Skye Studio ones that never seemed to do it. Only thing I’d like to see here as an improvement is a drop down menu hud to control the speed of the waves instead of having to fiddle with the script manually.. but that is just lazy me talking because being lazy is Awesome!

Those 3 are pretty much the most important when creating anything and when all are met anything else can be forgiven no matter how simple or complex the product is. So I tip my hat to the creator for a job well done and “Wow”!

Even though I do not have any complaints about the SR wavelet I do have some suggestions that I would love to see for future products from the creator. And since the creator read my last review and fixed all the things I “complained” about I might as well mention these just in case.

  • I had trouble figuring out what was actually in the pack; and as cool as that beach & sea foam texture is, it made it all the more confusing. So, more clarity on your vendors would be nice. Also make some Sea Foam Please!
  • My beaches are by no means straight or flat so I had to get creative and pretty much using the waves in reverse than intended and fiddle with each “only straight” piece to go around my curved beaches. So, I’d totally love it and buy again if there were ones with a reverse animation that had curved, concaved, & straight pieces that easily fit over my beaches. Or, better beaches than Skye Studio who has had a monopoly on that market with the same exact beach for years now. Also, and mind you not many creators think of this when it comes to nature items, End pieces because the abrupt stop just drives me nuts.
  • And lastly, once again.. a hud that controls scripting because those things can be oh so fickled when you try to change them. Anc has a great hud for this but I actually recommend going to HPMD* and checking out their newest landscaping huds because it is the best I’ve ever seen! Not only does it do things like change textures but it will also delete all child scripts when you merge/link your set out landscape for you to help with lag issues.

I know this was a long winded review but hopefully it was a great read and once again the SR creator did an Amazing Job and I Love It!



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