Featured Items: Kyo – Machiya by Kikutsuru & *SR* kare san sui [seki tei] (Coming soon to Kurenai)

House- Kyo – Machiya by Kikutsuru (Coming soon to Kurenai)
Tree- Gnarled Cherry from Studio Skye (Store)
Garden- SR kare san sui [seki tei] (Coming soon to Kurenai)
Please read review below before buying garden


Welcome to my very 1st ever full on product review… I normally don’t do such things because I feel my pictures speak for themselves. But, this time I feel as though I do need to write a review or more likely a “product warning label” because I have quite a few long time readers who come to my blog for inspiration and I just can’t leave them going “WTF” if they go buy stuff because of my picture.

*please note before I go on; this review is only for the SR garden and Kurenai is innocent in all things said below*

When I first picked up the blogger box for the SR kare san sui [seki tei] I was really excited because I really love Zen Rock Gardens and thought it was a wonderful thing and wanted to show it off… Had great plans for it..but then I opened the box and my 1st thought was “oh joy a cheap knock off of Ikea”!

(Now, if you are wondering why did I even do a blog pic of this if I don’t like the garden. It’s called event rules and requirements for bloggers in Kurenai which is fine… thankfully they have none on writing reviews so lucky for those of you reading)

So, moving on.. as I attempted to use this “kit” set before me, the more irked I became. One even has to apply the textures by hand which is no easy task to fiddle with for the common SL resident. Now, I’m no Pro but I do know a few things about applying textures specially after getting a detailed course of it while working for a creator who had me applying on the diffuse, normal, and specular maps to their work. So it wasn’t that I had any problems doing all this I could in my sleep if I wanted to. What the issue was that irked me so much was that I could see the quality or lack there of.. and for me with this garden it was lazy and shoddy work. If the creator of this particular items is reading this review at some point.. Sorry Dude; you just had the bad luck of releasing this garden in an event that happens to have a blogger that knows a thing or two about mesh and textures. 

Well, after I think an hour or so of trying to fiddle with the kit and make the garden look 1/2 way decent I gave up because I have other things to do… pulled out the “demo version” in the boxes, tore it apart; resized it and then adjusted the still shoddy work. So what you see in the picture is an adjusted version of the creator’s personal build. Sad, I know, but I have things like RL that need my attention and I couldn’t spend hours on end trying to put a kit together that no matter what I did was going to pretty much look 1/2 assed due to badly made mesh and even worse textures.

All in all… I strongly urge that people don’t waste their lindens on this garden and save them for better releases in the Kurenai event which I’ll be blogging for the next couple of weeks while it’s open.

Hopefully next time I feel the urge to write a product review it will be a way more positive one… Till then have a wonderful summer all.


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