Here in South Louisiana, many people either live in a houseboat or they use it for their weekend get away. Here is a houseboat that is similar to some that I have seen while out spending a day on the water.
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This home comes with two versions, one with strung up lights and one without.
With lights: 184 LI ⚜ With out: 148 LI
The building itself is Copy/Mod and the textures were done in shades of gray so that they are easily tintable for that perfect look. The doors are scripted with Kool Doors.
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Weathered Houseboat – Rivendale (currently at Midsummer Enchantment Event)
Oria Rowboat – Trompe Loeil
Garden Trees – Happy Mood
Photography by Rissa Bolissima
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Dark Passions Events – Midsummer Enchantment
June 15-30, 2018 
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Sky Windlight: Satomi’s 2016 Pastel Sunset
Water Windlight: Jay BattleScars * Special Water  – Animal – 100% reflection
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