348. Empress of China

MISS SL ♛ 2018 FINALE – National Costume – MISS SL ♛ China 2018

Hair: Tukinowaguma Serene

Exclusive OutfitLuas Nakamura Dress set

Exclusive Accessory: Shanghai Fire Bird Set – Mask, Sticks, Tiara, Earrings, Choker (not shown) & Bracelets (not shown)

Exclusive Eyemakeup & Face tattoo  by Izzie’s

Exclusive Runway Poses by PosESioN New China Set ( @ The Darkness Event)

Other Accessories:
VO.Z Chinese Long Life Lock Necklace Gold
Meva Epi Bento Nails Red Gold Rare
Meva Bento Claws Gold

MISS SL ♛ China 2018 represents today a Chinese Empress styling from 7th to 8th-century Tang dynasty, featuring the sexyness of low cut front with bare shoulders. The royal outfits were in silk and highly detailed, signified the women’s body’s contour: natural and elegant, with elaborated hairstyle, full makeup and detailed, well made accessories. Lotus Flower on forehead and back symbolize the “Motivation & Purity” as its a beautiful flower blooming in muddy water. The long nails with claws on the last two fingers as well making the hands moving in a graceful way.

Chinese people believe Dragon and Phoenix are the perfect match, whom represented the Emperor and the Empress. “Phoenix eyes” are the beauty standard of Chinese women’s eyes at that time. The Golden lock necklace is marked “Long Life 100 years”, that’s what we wish, the Royals to be able to rule the country very long time.

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