She needed to steal time away for herself, just a few moments where there was no one else. Silently slipping out of the conversation, and careful to avoid further confrontation, she opened up the back door and slipped into the hallway. 

Moved away from the door and headed down the stairs. The sounds of revelry still lingered in the air. She took a deep breath and pressed her back against the wall, then exhaled slowly while sinking to the floor. It would be so easy now to just go home, she thought. Not like I’d miss a lot. 

Situations like these happened every few months. She’d fill up her social card and run amuck. Though she could always tell when she was starting to run low because as soon she’d get someplace she’d want to go. 

As she sat there in the dim light of the hallway and the stair she focused on recharging and feeling the energies in the air. The time to rest would come up soon, but for now there was still more socializing to do. . . 

Top: Dreams Couture – leather crop top – wine.
Jacket: Sabotage: Off-Shoulder Denim Jacket – Black RARE
Pants: Legal Insanity  – Ellie lace jeans darkblue/black
Hair: DOUX – Shawnte hairstyle [Brunettes]

Pose by me

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