It had been a long day. Correction – a long week.  There had been so much work to do that she had been more holed up with her camera and in work that usual. It was all worth it though in the end.  However, it was not without its drawbacks. Several dates had to be rescheduled and she could tell that the person she kept canceling on was staring to feel disregarded. 

It was on this evening that she put aside her work and headed down to the beach where they had first met.  She knew that is where he would be, he had told her earlier in the week that he would wait there for her, every night. 

She had been there for nearly a half an hour when she looked up and saw him walking over the dunes.  His head was slightly bowed and he didn’t see her. She smiled.  He looked tired to her, but she knew how to fix that.  “Missing something?” She called out. 

He paused and looked up at her direction, his face breaking into a smile. He shook his head as he spoke and continued towards her, “Not anymore.”

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