We’ll have a picnic on the hill
And for a moment
Watch the world be still

All of our cares we’ll leave below
Take my hand
Come on
Let’s go . . .

Scene setup:

[ Organica ] River Erosion (rocky)
Little Branch – MoonFlowerShrub.V1.3 / V1.1 / V1.2 @ The Chapter 4 
[Merak] -Beach picnic – Cheese Board
[Merak] – Beach picnic – Sandwich Tray (slightly edited)
[Merak]– Beach picnic – Picnic basket

From :[Plastik]in the  May Deco(c)rate 
• :[P]:- Shannia Lighting [Gold] • :[P]:- Shannia Table
• :[P]:- Shannia Bench

Apple Fall Throw Cloth – Blue Gingham

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