My mom was born as a 3rd child out of 8 in her family… she had to take care of her brother and sisters in her childhood, she started working at age of 10… I always think if she would have a big career  if she could receive the education needed. She is smart and hard working..

It is destiny that she has met dad at 16 and she married to him at 18. Since then he is the person who spoils her and she can finally enjoy her life. I remember clearly she enjoys singing chinese opera and she sings in public shows. She always dresses up in chinese style for shows and she is always so elegant. She is so talented and I feel so proud of her. Nowadays she is still active in this passion.

I do miss her lots, even more since I came to this foreign country alone and be far from her. Thankyou Lawrence for inviting me to participate this Mothers’ day Tribute so I could make this picture with her in my mind…

“I love you mom. Even sometimes we don’t say it enough.” ♥

Happy Mothers’ Day! ♥

Hair: Exile Life in Plastic

Dress: Zuloo Vintage Cheongsam dress

Gloves: – AZUL- Eavan Gloves

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