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Styling for MISS SL ♛ 2018 – MISS SL ♛ China 2018

– 5th Runway Challenge – Pierrot 2068

Hair: Zibska Ganymede

r2 A/D/E syaku arm Sheer
Moon Amore Circus Clowns Tamer Bodysuit & Garters RARE
– Skirt created myself with Zibska Kiri Collars

Collar: Zibska Kiri Collars (Modified Styling)
Headaccessory: Zibska Kiri Headpiece
Gloves: Zibska Mallt Deux
Stockings: Zibska Quip
Ears: Mandala Pierced Elf Ears Short
Face Piercing: PUNCH Butterfly Kiss Diamonds
Eye makeup: Zibska Lert
Body Tattoo: Jeanette’s Joint Android Tattoo

Pierrot for MISS SL ♛ China 2018, is a person who is a dreamer, romantic, as well a sad person who is after the love of Columbine, a girl who keeps breaking his heart. Pierrot for MISS SL ♛ China 2018 shouldn’t be a person colorful like usual clowns.

His another distant friend, is the moon. Every element is integrated into the styling: the Moon on the head, the melted mascara and the Black color for the heartbroken sadness, the White color of his innocent, and the Blue represents his dreams, it can also mean the “blues” – Sadness. MISS SL ♛ China 2018 insist on the accent of Pierrot’s symbolic black ‘skull” cap, the “ruffle” collar, the clown-style body, stockings & shoes…. As the theme is Pierrot 2068, some cyber, futuristic elements are used (2068 is not that far in fact!) , inspired by real designers like Iris van Herpen and Pierre Cardin, both create with geometric forms and lines for the futuristic inspired haute couture fashion. They are not only simple clothing, but in artistic, geometric forms to give a feeling of space – so cyber and futuristic of 2068.



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