Circa is participating in the current Black Fair event with a small room collection of items and of course… a beautiful black theme. Items available for purchase from the Lavelle Collection include two area rugs, three folded curtain sets, 2 modern chairs, and four side tables with an orchid plant. The woods for the chair and table are black and cream. Items included in the (add on) Lavelle Planter Set include a Tall Slim Fern floor planter and a Peace Lily stand. For the duration of the event, the purchase price is 50% off regular. Packs and Individual Items are available for purchase.
Lavelle Sitting Room Set (Black & Cream Wood) – Circa (currently at the Black Fair)
Lavelle Planter Set (Fern & Peace Lily) – Circa (currently at the Black Fair)
Photography by Rissa Bolissima
Black Fair
April 6-20, 2018
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