Sometimes we feel just like this
That everything we say’s a hit or miss
So we keep it in
Trap it inside
From our emotions we try to hide

Stronger than these emotions
Rocking like tides of the ocean
Bound to break free and bring us to our knees . . .

Nothing ever really got to me // I could always turn the other cheek // Could it be those days are gone // Could’ve sworn that I was strong // At least stronger than these emotions // That are taking over me // I swear I’m stronger than these emotions // But they’re taking over me . . .

Lyrics from “Stronger Than” by Gabe Bondoc

Outfit:Una::Jani @ Kinky Event 
Hair: ARGRACE Saki – Chocolate

Pose: CKEY Poses – Get out of my head 
Prop: BellePoses – The Sweet Escape

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