Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Official Video)

Just your typical sleepover, right? There was monopoly and karaoke.. scooby doo on the tv.. everyone in their favorite jammies.. pizza and soda of course! oh and don’t forget the “Truth or Dare” Spin the Bottle!! I would like to thank Breitta, Elita, Selenity and Venom for joining with me for this picture!
Image Essentials has this really cool new Prop & Pose combination for up to six persons.. called Spin the Bottle! There are actually three guy and three girl poses, only I removed the guy ones and copied the three girl poses.. and then removed one for the five of us! (Don’t you love when you can modify the poses and props to better suit what you are doing?  I sure do!). ohh  and the bottle really spins too!
Okay here come the style credits.. I’ll go in alpha order by model 😉
Breitta Lexico is wearing: (to the left of the pizza)
Slumber Party Pj’s – Tres Blah (Gacha Item)
Sweet Dream Slippers (Unicorn) – Half Deer (Gacha Item)
Caralisa Hair – Truth
Elita Wardell is wearing: (to the right of the pizza)
Mesh Fleece PJ’s with Cape – Phunk
Lady Hair – Truth
Sweetest Romance Bridal Wedding Ring – EarthStones
Rissa Bolissima (me!!) is wearing: (in front of the karaoke machine)
Slumber Party Pj’s – Tres Blah (Gacha Item)
Into the Sky Hair – Exile
Selenity (ithilwenrose) is wearing: (bottom left)
Lila Knot Tie Top – Blueberry (NEW in Mainstore)
Poppy Leggings Yoga Pant (cutiebooty version)Blueberry
White Unicorn Slippers – Reign
Passion Hair – Stealthic (NOW at Mainstore)
Venom Zanzibar is wearing: (bottom right)
Cotton PJs – Kastle Rock Couture
Hair Tie Bracelet – Izzie’s
Farryn Hair – Truth
Decor Information:
Peaches ‘N Cream – CESP Gacha Items Included:
Karaoke Machine, Peachstation Console, Video Games, Pizza & Soda, Soda Cans
Items from Mudhoney Included:
Alex Blanket Basket, Cactus Plant, Magazine Basket, Alex Chaise – Blue
Meid Sideboard Cherry – The Loft
Puppy Basket Bed – Pup – dust bunny & O.M.E.N
floral LT green rug – La Galleria
Capitalism Board Game – Needful Things
Photography Information:
Picture was taken at Rissa’s home (private location)
Spin the Bottle Pose & Prop – Image Essentials
Photography by Rissa Bolissima
Image Essentials
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