Saturday morning detention. As often as Ryan was here it may as well be his name. It was the same thing every day: he’d come in, get the assignment from the Principal, wait until they left the room, and then he’d sleep his three-hour sentence away.  The first few times Ryan had detention he actually made an effort to do the given assignment, but after that it was a waste of time so he’d leave it on the desk instead.  The Principal use to care, but now he was simply glad that Ryan slept instead of wrecking havoc through the school.  Handing out the work was a formality at this point.

Outside the sun was bright and already bragging about what a great day it was going to be. Inside, Ryan turned his back to the sunlight and rested his head upon the desk. The sooner he went to sleep, the sooner he’d be able to leave.

Top: etham – Andy Hoodie – @ The Clique 
Hair: Modulus – Darren Hair @ The Clique 

Pose: from Animosity – School Dayz @ The Clique 

Scene Set :
Wednesday[+] ~ Lockers @ The Clique 
Wednesday[+] ~ Notes @ The Clique 

+Half-Deer+ Classic School Desk @ The Clique 
+Half-Deer+ Classic School Chair @ The Clique 

AF Book Stack
World Map Wall Decor CHEZ MOI

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