The warmer spring weather will have us all wanting to ‘refresh’ our homes and decorate with pretty new things!

The Ephemeral Fireplace by ChMia is a shabby chick fireplace with lots of details and just 4 land impact. It is the perfect finishing touch for whichever room you are decorating!

The Leather Living Room Furniture includes the Sofas, Loveseats, Ottoman and Easy Chair. This set is available with poses for PG, Adult and Kink. On each piece there are seven leather textures and the pillows and blankets also have  multiple colors and designs.
The Salacity Leather Living Room End Table set comes with 4 different tables to afford you a wide range of flexibility in decorating your living room. The Table set was created to go with the Leather Living Room set, though the tables will fit into almost any decor and room.
The Magazine Table is a nice table with magazine rack and attached lamp. Included decor is optional (plain version included).
Ephemeral Fireplace – ChiMia
Leather Living Room Furniture – Salacity
Leather Living Room Tables – Salacity
Magazine Table – Salacity
Areca Palm Plant & Potted Palm – Dust Bunny
Photography by Rissa Bolissima

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