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MISS SL ♛ China 2018 – Ruby O’Hare


Ruby O’Hare’s real identity is still unknown. But there is rumor saying she is not someone ‘real’ – she is in fact a duplication of an asian female living in France, who works for the French Government as a spy.
Ruby O’Hare is just a name people give her cause of her appearance.

It is very convenient that Ruby and her real form being at two different places at the same time, doing different things. Ruby apparently is used for risky tasks – spying, assassinating, or taking secret actions to stop the evil and wars.

Ruby’s duplication allows her to get hurt or die, she can just re-duplicate another. She is moving in impressive speed and performing a series of actions in an eye blink. She is as well famous for her stamina to seduce the enemy for informations and to manipulate them.

All the villains are still trying hard to find out who is Ruby actually and where the original her is hiding. Obviously, they are very disappointed because Ruby is really acting so fast, it is impossible to chase after a rabbit, as Ruby O’Hare loves to play hide and seek with her enemies, and taking them down in surprise!


Hair: Tableau Vivant Editorial Western Wind

Bauhaus Movement Rabbit Mode Helmet
.::Supernatural::. Emilly Choker Black Gold
Sweet Thing. Amalthea Bodysuit RARE
Luas Arcana Pauldron R RARE
=Zenith= Leather Rock Star Gloves Black

Mossu. Saint Guard Weapon RARE
Imitation Gun poses Gun
Genesis Lab Cigarette 3.0 Woman Bento Grey
Izzie’s Body Dirt & Mud

Shoes: Vanilla Bae Alexxis Boots

Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Tati

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