PSA: Daniel and the Mudskin

Hellos All! I have some awesome news I stumbled upon the other day that I want to share… specially with my fellow Androgynouies.

Many of you may have heard of a little skin store called Mudskin and probably drooled over the maleish ones that didn’t have that “I muscle man!” look to them… I sure did! Specially when “Sin Sin” came out. Though, after a nice talk with the creator back then I learned that they weren’t Mapped to the Daniel head and sadly it was for the likes of Catya. So the demo got put aside for when I updated my Femboy (which yes yes, I know I’ve been promising many of you for some time…still haven’t gotten to it yet).

Well, the other day I might have said to myself “Oh screw it I’m gonna go test a few things” and I might have raided Mudskin and got every last male looking skin they had (gachas included) and then proceeded to demo every last one of them on my Daniel head.

And, They looked really good! The only flaw I found was a few areas here and there… most notably around the nose the shading was off. But you have to be nitpicking and judging hard to even notice this. So me being; well Me… I might have went and bought “Sin Sin” and changed my skin after not doing so in like what is it over a year. I also might have written the creator a nice note card about my findings that instigated another talk about skins in the store like “Sin Sin” because this was some unbeknownst info for the both of us.

Now here is the really awesome news! I learned during that talk… Mudskin is working on a Daniel mapped skin! But, don’t get too excited it will take some time and we can’t rush awesomeness. I know I’ll be waiting on the edge of my seat to at least try on the demo if not buy it the moment that skin comes out. Till then it’s been at least tested and shown that the other Catya mapped skins can work on Daniel to tide us guys over for the time being. So double YaYs!

Hope you All are as happy about this news as I am and have a wonderful week!


Skin- [ MUDSKIN ]_SIN SIN (Store)
Hair- Dura-B&G83 (TMD)

Shirt- :::B:::One side Off shoulder shirt (Man Cave)
Pants- Legal Insanity – Axl black leather pants (Store)
Collar- [Gild] Studded choker (Store)
Rings- [ContraptioN] Desideratus Ring Set (Store)

CURELESS [+] Dragon’s Wisdom (Store)


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