Weeks on end, I’m on the road
I start to lose my sense of home
I should’ve called so many times
But I, I just sat next to my phone

She left the party early. After week of being away and hanging back she went to see everyone. Though there was only so much smiling she could do and only so long she could keep up the appearance that everything was fine. She came. She showed up. That was enough wasn’t it?

You gave me something so real
I’m running low
I’m sorry but I have to go

It was easy for her to get away. They all knew she was a busy person and even if they didn’t believe her when she said she had to go to work on a project, they let her. In her head she replayed versions of saying goodbyes over and over again, but when it got time to say it, the words stuck in her throat. ‘See you later,’ or ‘talk to you soon’ always came out. When she left tonight it wasn’t any different.

She donned her headphones and waited for her ride. Sure, she could have waited inside at the party but then she would have had to continue to pretend. Out here was better.  It wasn’t too long before her ride pulled up and she opened the door.  She took a final look back at the house before she opened the cars’ door and got in.

And I know you’ll find someone who
Gives you the time I didn’t give to you
I’m running low
I’m sorry, but I have to go

-Inspired by the song ‘Running Low’ by Shawn Mendes-

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