Sometimes we all need to simply take a break from reality. The things there can weigh on us so much. They can pressure us down and cause us to miss out on the beauty of life which lies all around us.

Things have been getting me down lately. There’s a lot of stuff that I don’t talk about and oftentimes I let my pictures do the talking instead. Sometimes it’s easier that way. You don’t have to explain a picture or its words, you can let people take from it whatever they wish.

I set out this morning with the troubles of yesterday still pressing on my shoulders. Every time I pushed the thoughts aside they circled back and were right there again.  I needed a new mindset so I could get through another day, but at the time I didn’t see how it was going to be possible.

But then a message hit my phone, and the content was so simple that I instantly laughed. I wrote back and said, “That was right on time.”  Response came back saying that I was on their mind; was I doing fine, they’ve been feeling quite unsettled and that the feeling was mine.

We traded banter back and forth, and joked like it was a sport. It gave my head the space that it needed. Set me back on track. I don’t know how my would have gone if it wasn’t for that.

It was a break from reality.
A little healing for my sanity.
A little something to set the mind free.
Are your words as they come back to me.

Lay your head upon my shoulder.
Time passes but we’re not getting older.
I’ll be there for you and you for me.
Wherever you are is my reality . . .

Scene Design:
Little Branch – GiantBeech {Animated} 4Seasons @ The Senses Event 
Little Branch – WhiteFlowers

[ Organica ] Cliffs – Shoreline

Felix Designs – Mesh Hill Pond

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