New year, new me… That is a saying that many people think will take them for the first few weeks of the new year. They start the year off with a positive note, a smile on their lips. A twinkle to their eye and a spring in their steps. What people don’t expect is How they are going to change. Every year, we don’t know what will happen or what the year will bring. We only think that we will have nothing but positive changes. When in reality life is full of ups and down.

Those ups and downs shape us into who we end up becoming in the new year. Whether it’s a good person or an angry person. While many people try to be a better person sometimes it just doesn’t happen that way. For me that new year new me stuff doesn’t hold sway. While yes, I’m always trying to be a better person than I was last year, I dont try to change who I am completely. That would be stupid. I wouldn’t be me if I tried that.

What I will do instead is try to be a better mother to my beautiful little one. A better wife to my husband who has been with me through the best and worst that I have had to offer to him, and better friend to those who have earned that friendship. I will continue to do my best in all things I put my mind to, whether it’s the store in world. My rl job as an emergency dispatcher, or even in trying new things that are coming up here soon. Either way it goes. I will always be the same old me just with a few minor twists and turns brought upon me by the events of a new year. Here’s hoping your new year is exactly what you wish of it.


Hari:Dura: Dura-Boy 36
Makeup: Dulce Secrets: Blissful Lipgloss & Marrakesh Eyeshadow
Jewelry: Moondance Boutique: Annette Jewelry Set  ~coming soon to the Designer Showcase ~
Dress: Kastle Rock Couture: Colleen Slit Dress – Blue
Shoes: -KC-Couture: Faith Heels
Nails: Moondance Boutique: Grace Solid
Skin: Dulce Secrets Custom Sweet Cocoa
Eyes: Dulce Secrets Grey Mesmerizing Eyes
Body: Maitreya: Laura Mesh Body
Hands: Vista: Bento ProHands
Head [GA.GE]: Mia Bento Mesh Head
Poses: PosESioN: Acuario 2, Diosaharu 9

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