Hello dear candidates,

we know, that you are excited to know the fourth runway challenge. This challenge is thought by MISS SL 2016, Ivyana Szondi, in her function as reigning MISS SL and MISS SL Agency CEO, to follow the tradition of a challenge, that is initiated by the MISS SL Agency Managment. MISS SL Agency houses only the best models available in our community, winners and top scored candidates from previous MISS and MR SL pageants or hand selected by the MISS SL Organizaion board of directors and MISS SL Agency Management.

We do hope, that the challenge triggers your creativity and that we will be able to see some very outstanding styling ideas on our runway. Here`s Ivyana`s description:

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.”
-Ernestine Ulmer

In the ‘La Dulce Vida’ – Challenge , the candidates will indulge their sweet tooth! This idea was inspired by the collections of the fabulous designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. Each candidate will create an haute couture styling based on a dessert from their country. A dessert that is common in your country, but originates from another, is also allowed. This can be achieved by creatively using the dessert in your styling or by putting items together that resemble the dessert of your choice. The Pantone color chart for Spring/Summer 2017 trends can be used, if it makes sense with your look, but remains optional. We would like this to be a head-to-toe styling. Every element in your styling, from your hair to your shoes, should embody this challenge.

In your description, please include information about the dessert you have chosen and why you choose this dessert. Your description will reflect your research efforts for this challenge.

We have provided a Pinterest board for your inspiration. You are not limited to these examples.

Posing for this challenge will be purely artistic/borderline editorial. The candidates should still adhere to the basics of runway posing.

  • Feet must not be off the ground (check your hover height, always)
  • Poses should not stretch or break the fabric of your clothing
  • Hair and body parts should not go into the clothing
  • When holding an item, be sure that your movements are natural (e.g. A person would not hold a bag in midair)

We thank Ivyana for this very exciting and interesting challenge. While we are sure, that it may appear though at the first glance, we do hope that the challenge may expand your horizons and triggers your creativity to realize a styling. Please know, you do require at least one pose set for a 40 seconds lasting stop, but we will let you know, how many stops you need to have prepared, by Monday, April 3.

Your styling description needs to be submit and received by Friday, April 7, 12:00 PM SLT. Rehearsals for the fourth runway challenge are scheduled for April 7, 10:00 AM and 05:00 PM SLT. You are required to attend at least one rehearsal to be eligible to walk this challenge.

The fourth runway challenge is scheduled for April 8, 10:00 AM SLT and will be open for public. Audience invitations will be sent 2 hours prior to show begin in our inworld group.

Good Luck!

Marcus Lefevre

MISS SL Organization
Owner | Founder | Chairman

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