Welcome CHOP ZUEY, GIULIA Design and TEOM Magazine for MR SL 2016

We`re very happy to announce the continuation of our collaboration with CHOP ZUEY Couture Jewellry for the MR SL 2016 pageant. Every support is much appreciated and so crucial for the success of a pageant. Belle Roussel has provided for the MISS SL pageant a crown, one of a kind not seen before in SL, the most majestic crown a queen can have. We will now negotiate. what sort of jewels will be appropriate to grace our future MR SL 2016.


Chop Zuey  Couture Jewelry https://chopzuey.wordpress.com/

Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry https://chopzuey.wordpress.com/


Another good and dear friend is joining today the MISS SL Family to actively support MR SL 2016 pageant, GIULIA Design. The fashion house, lead by Giulia Aura, carries years of experience and is well known within the fashion industry. We`re very glad to have GIULIA Design with in the row of supporters. Thank you!




Further we`re delighthed to have an agreement with the The Evolution of a Model Magazine – TEOM for a media partnership. The exchange of news, informations and knowledge is the basic for an active and evolving community. We`re looking forward for this new and exciting collaboration to spread the word about MR SL 2016 and to support each other.




We`re very grateful for this partnerships and look forward for the months to come, together with you. Sponsorship informations are available inworld, please contact either Shinya Tandino or me, Marcus Lefevre.

Kind Regards

Marcus Lefevre


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June 2015




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