THE TOP 5 from the 2nd Runway Challenge and pictures on Flickr!

It`s been a beautiful and mythical styling challenge we`ve seen the Misses last Saturday walking and every single of them has done a fabulous job. The judges didn`t have an easy task to score the Misses and they have only a limited amount of points to give, they had to make hard decisions based upon the asked styling theme, the overall appeareance and the posing.

We´re today publishing the top 5 out of this particular challenge, in no particular order, but by country. Congrats to this ladies.

MISS SL ♛ France – Laiti Resident

MISS SL ♛ Italy – Astralia Resident

MISS SL ♛ Japan – Shinobu Istmal

MISS SL ♛ Poland – jj26 Ragu

MISS SL ♛ UK– Memole Giha

And as I typed this, the pictures of the 2nd runway challenge came in as well, provided by the most talented event photographer ever, Tillie Ariantho. The pictures are uploaded on our Flickr page and you can get there, by clicking the picture below:

Miss SL 2015 - Catwalk 2 - 055

We do hope you enjoy the pictures… and if you look closely… the styling challenge for the 3rd Runway Challenge on April 11th is just around the corner…

You may want to watch this space.


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