MR SL 2017 – The Yves Saint Laurent Tribute – 3rd Runway Challenge

*PosESioN* Erotic Christmas Photo Contest


PosESion is holding a photography contest with awesome prices!

Requirements for the contest

1) Join *PosESioN* Poses Group (free enrollment)

2) Take a full body photo using one of the three couple poses exclusively from the “Erotic” Series. (photo must be Erotic Christmas-themed) These couple poses are available for sale in our Mainstore.
The price of each couple pose is 100L and the price of the Full Pack is 250L (the 3 poses are included in the Full Pack).
(These couple poses are not included in the promotion of store credit and it’s not accept payment by gift card)

*PosESioN* Mainstore SLurl:

3) Rename your photo just like that: *PosESioN* Erotic Christmas Photo Contest (your avatar name) – please use your avatar name, not display name or we can’t find you in case you win.

4) Submit your photo to this Flickr Group:

5) Submit only one photo per avatar.

6) The contest begins 1st December 2015 and the deadline is 1st January 2016 Midnight SLT


– 1st Prize: 3000L in cash
– 2nd Prize: 2000L Gift Card
– 3rd Prize: 1000L Gift Card

The winner will be announced only in a Notice in the *PosESioN* Poses Group

– *PosESioN* reserves the right to disqualify any image that does not respect the rules mentioned in the notecard.

– When you submit an image you are giving *PosESioN* the right to use the image in any form we may require (publications, promotions, etc.)

If you have any question send a notecard to Gretel Bulloch

Thank you so much.

Dahriel *PosESioN* CEO
Gretel Bulloch *PosESioN* Manager

Flickr Group:

MISS SL Magazine November 2015 issue is out!

Cover November 15

In this issue:
Creator of Creators
MR SL 2016
The Winner – The Candidates – The Challenges & Backstage
The Face of Fashion – Choupie Ruben
We hope you enjoy the issue!


Mr SL ♛ Mexico  presented in the finale for MR SL 2016 an Elite Mayan General, servant of God Quetzalcoatl, carrying a gold head piece shaped like a snake adorned with feathers, stones and jewelry made of ceramic. The pads can be seen by the way that they are equally elaborate ceramic.

Warrior Vendor

MR SL ♛ Mexico wears a vest stuffed stones into gold similarly adorned with feathers. Their dress is complemented by a former or loincloth. He carries in his right hand a kind of unknown weapon made of wood and gold.

As representing a General, he wears jewelry with jade and gold bracelets to be distinguishable by his forces in battle. The sandals on feet are made of plant fibers and animal skins. Body paint and hair tied in a ponytail demonstrate the elegance and fear these warriors inspire amongst their enemies and their own huestes/hosts.MR SL ♛ Mexico is wearing an exclusive design by Francisc Guardian of Francisc Mesh Designs.

The poses, custom created by PosESion for Mr SL ♛ Mexico, are now available at the mainstore!

PosESion is looking for Bloggers!

Click the picture below for information!


PosESioN is working on new male poses!

our sweet and always working Dahriel surprised me this morning with the question, if I´d be available to stand model for him… and for a new pose set named the “Lefevre Set”. He`s just consolidating the male poses from PosESioN and there is going to be a number of brand new male poses in his shop. The Lefevre Set he wants to put into store and I can tell you… it`s one FABULOUS set, very much Lefevre. But most interesting for you male models maybe is, that there are a couple of poses in the set, which are excellent to be used as default pose.

I hope that you enjoy the poses as much as I do and look forward for the other sets Dahriel is going to release in this days.

_PosESioN_ Lefevre Vendor



Hoorenbeek – Mesh Classic Tailcoat Tuxedo (complete incl shoes)


Chop Zuey – Brooch of The Lion of Great Excellence (designed for my 6th rezzday, commissioned by Frothy (kallieme Resident) and available at the mainstore


PosESion – The Lefevre Set