Mr SL ♛ Mexico  presented in the finale for MR SL 2016 an Elite Mayan General, servant of God Quetzalcoatl, carrying a gold head piece shaped like a snake adorned with feathers, stones and jewelry made of ceramic. The pads can be seen by the way that they are equally elaborate ceramic.

Warrior Vendor

MR SL ♛ Mexico wears a vest stuffed stones into gold similarly adorned with feathers. Their dress is complemented by a former or loincloth. He carries in his right hand a kind of unknown weapon made of wood and gold.

As representing a General, he wears jewelry with jade and gold bracelets to be distinguishable by his forces in battle. The sandals on feet are made of plant fibers and animal skins. Body paint and hair tied in a ponytail demonstrate the elegance and fear these warriors inspire amongst their enemies and their own huestes/hosts.MR SL ♛ Mexico is wearing an exclusive design by Francisc Guardian of Francisc Mesh Designs.

The poses, custom created by PosESion for Mr SL ♛ Mexico, are now available at the mainstore!

PosESion is looking for Bloggers!

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DOLL – NEW Release from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture

Sweet, sexy, flirty, and fun — ladies, you will adore today’s new release from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture — DOLL!

First seen at The Fantasy Angels’s Fashion Show 2015, Second Edition, DOLL emits a feeling of sensuality mixed with coquettish playfulness in every detail.


DOLL poster



You will most definitely have stars in your eyes as you behold the endearing mesh top with matching thong. The empire-waisted bodice is highlighted with a strand of stars that attach to feathers which further enhances your décolletage.

No angel can be without her wings — feast your eyes on the heavenly and mesmerizing pair of perfectly-textured wings made of stars and feathers, with just a hint of glow.

A cute and sassy neon headband with the word “Lips” sits at the crown of the head with little stars hanging from the “L” and a cute set of lips dotting the “i”.


DOLL Purple




DOLL Beige






DOLL White


Top Angel, the beautiful Taylor Wassep, appears on our Vendors for DOLL..

DOLL is offered in shades of Beige, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, and White. Its celestial provocativeness will leave you eager to show it off!

A mesh demo is available for you to try at our store(s). Dash over to CHAMPAGNE! Sparking Couture and get your copy of DOLL!




for a glittering life!


GILDED – NEW for our Ladies @ CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture

Just when you thought that angels couldn’t get any hotter, look again! Ladies, if you seek angelic sweetness mixed with hot sensuality, then look no further! CHAMPAGNE! Sparking Couture releases GILDED — couture that will reveal your heavenly figure while raising the blood pressure of everyone who looks at you!

With dazzle, dazzle, and more dazzle, GILDED was recently unveiled on the runway during The Fantasy Angels’s astounding Fashion Show 2015, Second Edition! Now you can own the rich saliciousness that GILDED provides.


GILDED poster


GILDED’s corset is multi-textured and feverishly fabulous! The bra cups are covered in shiny spike embellishments — both dangerous and seductive! An alluring mesh thong is included.

Also included are a pair of cuffs with both glittering gems and spikes. The audicious shoulder pieces, also containing gems and spikes, are both eye-catching and flashy.

The wings are so gloriously realistic in their textured detail that you will swear you can see the individual feathers.

To complete this stunner, a headpiece made of chains, gemstones, and a single protruding unicorn horn — lies flat against and adds the perfect finishing touch to the forehead. Besides enthralling angels, use the headpiece and other pieces from GILDED to mix-and-match Greek mythological looks (the winged horse, Pegasus, would be proud!).








Top Model, the stunning Lua Vendetta (MVW Venezuela 2014; Miss Vero Modero 2013), is featured on our Vendors for GILDED! Available in Black, Gold, Pink, Red, Silver, and White, GILDED

GILDED is so very intricate its textures and design that you really must see it in person to appreciate all it has to offer.

A mesh demo is available for you to try. Fly over to CHAMPAGNE! Sparking Couture today where GILDED awaits!

CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture @ The MISS SL Fashion Kingdom

for a glittering life!


The Summer is knocking at our doors and you´re literally craving to get the summer clothes on? The day is here! It´s time to feel the summer on our skins!

The designer team of EGOISME have research for you the most cool and trendy textures and patterns to compliment a new set we´re happily releasing today for you: the LADY DOLL Tops and Shorts.

Egosime Lady Doll ADV

The LADY DOLL Tops and the Shorts come each in 4 different styles.

LADY DOLL will be the ultimate key to feel confident in this years summer. We from EGOISME are very proud to not only give you a new and stylish look, but also that you will make the guys whistle and the other girls jealous by wearing LADY DOLL.

We hope you will enjoy LADY DOLL as much as we do!

The photos do not necessarily reflect the final effect upon wearing this product depending on pose, advanced lightning models, windlight settings.

Egoisme Prestige members have 25% discount on every egoisme article (inspect vendors to see the discount script before to buy)

Egoisme Prestige group members must wear their tag before buying (remember: just LEFT click on the item to pay and receive the item)

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Copyrigth @ 2010 2015 Egoisme Ltd. All rights are reserved. It is strictly forbidden to copy and/or reproduce this product in parts or in complete either for commercial purposes using photography, photocopy, digital storage or any other way of reproduction. Changes for improvement or correction of this document or the product described in this document might by done at any time.

With purchasing this product you agree to the following:

These products is / are for your own personal use and content creation in Second Life ONLY. You are not allowed to use, distribute or sell this / these images/products out of Second Life.

MUA – My Make Up Addiction for MISS SL Shop NEPAL Charity

We`re delighted to have the first designer moving into the MISS SL Shop, where in the next two weeks the designs and creations escpecially made for MISS SL 2015 candidates get sold, benefiting “Join Hands” for the Nepal earthquake victims.

MUA- Make Up Addictions, by Shanty Bookmite donates 2 items for the cause, one of a kind pose set, which was created for MISS SL Mexico, Euridice Qork, and a fabulous make up set, especially designed for MISS SL China, Susy49 Albatros. You can get both now in the MISS SL Shop until June 30th!









We`ve more designs incoming in the next hours and few days and we wil certainly update you with each item. We hope that we can make a difference with this sales, helping those in need in Nepal. Thank you to all designers, who have agreed previously to help for this.

Kind Regards

Marcus Lefevre


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Email / G+:







June 2015

EGOISME Fashion House releases new suit collection!

EGOISME always has surprised in past with innovative ideas and fabulous designs. The aim of the Egoisme designer team is to follow RL fashion trends, especially from the Italian high fashion market. The impact that Italian designers Haute Couture and Pret-a-Porter collections have on the fashion world-wide is not to underestimate.  The fashion weeks in Milan run on same high level as the ones in the other fashion capitals like Paris or London and yet have its very own sophistication and touch. And this statement makes EGOISME with every of their new collections as well. It`s different, it`s quality, it`s high fashion.


EGOISME has now released the ESSENTIAL suit collection for men, coming in 5 different designs with high quality fabric patterns, which is defining the art of Italian fashion.

All 5 designs come in 5 different sizes and optional the fitted mesh version.




EGOISME – ESSENTIAL Suit – Maphia Look


PosESioN is working on new male poses!

our sweet and always working Dahriel surprised me this morning with the question, if I´d be available to stand model for him… and for a new pose set named the “Lefevre Set”. He`s just consolidating the male poses from PosESioN and there is going to be a number of brand new male poses in his shop. The Lefevre Set he wants to put into store and I can tell you… it`s one FABULOUS set, very much Lefevre. But most interesting for you male models maybe is, that there are a couple of poses in the set, which are excellent to be used as default pose.

I hope that you enjoy the poses as much as I do and look forward for the other sets Dahriel is going to release in this days.

_PosESioN_ Lefevre Vendor



Hoorenbeek – Mesh Classic Tailcoat Tuxedo (complete incl shoes)


Chop Zuey – Brooch of The Lion of Great Excellence (designed for my 6th rezzday, commissioned by Frothy (kallieme Resident) and available at the mainstore


PosESion – The Lefevre Set