[AMARELO MANGA] - Model Call


– Women and Male Models;
– Send a notecard renamed: [AMARELO MANGA] call model (your name).

– Containing 03 pictures JPG 1024 x 1024/2048 x 2048 ,wearing:
01 Casual style
01 Beach style
01 style Haute
everyone should be Mesh Products AMARELO MANGA.

– May not participate items:
Group Gift;
Products sent to shows and Ads.

– Send the notecard to AMARELOMANGASTORE from October 16 until October 31.

– The result will be presented in 07de November 2015 and will be informed in the Yellow group Manga and our social networks.

– Will be selected 08 female models and 04 male models.

– Those who are selected will be part of the winter campaign for the brand.

– The first place male and female will be the cover our Catalog November.

MISS SL ORGANIZATION wished good luck to all who are going to try!

MISS SL Agency – Casting Results

MISS SL Organization

MISS SL Agency





Most of all we would like to express our gratitude to all models who answered our casting call. We were both overwhelmed and honored by the response that our invitation received. This has been an exciting opportunity for us to see a group of magnificent models who exemplify some of the top modeling talent anywhere on the grid. For that opportunity alone, we are very grateful.

MISS SL Agency pursues the highest standards to be found within the modeling community. As far as individual modeling careers are concerned, we maintain a strict “invitation only” policy. We do not rule out another casting call, so MISS SL Agency can still be in your future.

The runway was filled with great talent during the casting call, making it unusually difficult for members of both the jury, and the organization, to make a final decision. It is important for everyone who walked the runway to KEEP WALKING … because we will always be paying attention to shows and events. Our continual monitoring of the stages and runways within Second Life means that an invitation to be part of MISS SL Agency might come at any time.

And now, the list of those professionals who are invited to join the MISS SL Family. Congratulations to those selected today, and we will be watching the rest of you for potential invitation in your future.

Candela Giordano
Chris Law
Daniel White
Leezah Kaddour
Lua Vendetta
Nany Jurado
Precise Frimon
Shanty Bookmite
Sienna Bellios
Thi Shippe
Vanka Machiavello
Veronica Krasner
Winter Jefferson

We welcome you to the MISS SL family and will contact you in the next few days for the group invitation and further informations. Please reserve September 06, 12:00 p.m. SLT in your agenda for the next meeting of the MISS SL Agency team and models.

Kind Regards

Marcus Lefevre
MISS SL Organization | Owner

Ponchituti Boucher
MISS SL Organization | CEO

Carilynn Ohare
MISS SL Organization | CAO

Shinobu Istmal
MISS SL Agency | COO


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August 2015