MR SL 2017 – Ice and Fire – The 4th Runway Challenge

First MISS SL Newsletter published!

We´re delighted to present the brandnew MISS SL Newsletter, an experiment so far, but we hope you enjoy it.

This week in MISS SL Newsletter:

– Chop Zuey 6 years anniversary
– K – Haute Couture 1 year anniversary
– Solaris Fashion Week
– featured designs from EGOISME and Champagne! Sparkling Couture

EXOTIC – NEW for our Ladies from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture

Tribal fashion adopts patterns and ideas from cultures far and wide.  The genre sizzled when it was first introduced in 2012 and it is still on fire today.  Who doesn’t want to think of themselves as an adventurer of some sort?  With the release of EXOTIC,initially unveiled on the runway during The Fantasy Angels’s eye-popping Fashion Show 2015, Second Edition, CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture gives you the opportunity to satisfy the adventuring spirit inside that is clamoring to be liberated!


EXOTIC poster


EXOTIC brings to life vibrant colors and a distinct jungle-vibe in a sexy and sensual (yet angelic) creation. The zippered, body-hugging top and provocative strapped thong adorned with flowers are ablaze with the colors of orange, gold, purple, and a deep cranberry. You will appreciate the sumptuous textures and vivid luminosity that EXOTIC offers.

Tribal jewelry is a must-have and is included. Voluminous layers of colorful chains in gold, orange, and blue hang around the neck and the colors are repeated in the uniquely designed triple beaded bracelets that embellish each arm.

An angelic tribal princess must have a distinctive pair of wings as she flies around the firmament! Made of tree branches and enriched with flowers and two snakes (don’t worry, they don’t bite!), the wings are like nothing you have experienced. The crowning glory of this show-stopper is a headpiece made of dazzling green leaves and foliage, interspersed with orange and gold flowers.




We are proud to have Shaili Alex, Top Model. CEO and Founder of iNOVARE, and the reigning Miss VW Spain 2016, appear on our EXOTIC vendors.

There is an undeniable appetite for global-influenced fashion, especially in the summer. EXOTIC fulfills that appetite and incorporates bold prints, unbelievable color, color mixing, and accessories galore. You will indeed be a tribal angel no one will forget when you wear EXOTIC!

A mesh demo is available for you to try. What are you waiting for? Go wild! Head over to CHAMPAGNE! Sparking Couture and claim your copy of EXOTIC today!



for a glittering life!



DOLL – NEW Release from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture

Sweet, sexy, flirty, and fun — ladies, you will adore today’s new release from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture — DOLL!

First seen at The Fantasy Angels’s Fashion Show 2015, Second Edition, DOLL emits a feeling of sensuality mixed with coquettish playfulness in every detail.


DOLL poster



You will most definitely have stars in your eyes as you behold the endearing mesh top with matching thong. The empire-waisted bodice is highlighted with a strand of stars that attach to feathers which further enhances your décolletage.

No angel can be without her wings — feast your eyes on the heavenly and mesmerizing pair of perfectly-textured wings made of stars and feathers, with just a hint of glow.

A cute and sassy neon headband with the word “Lips” sits at the crown of the head with little stars hanging from the “L” and a cute set of lips dotting the “i”.


DOLL Purple




DOLL Beige






DOLL White


Top Angel, the beautiful Taylor Wassep, appears on our Vendors for DOLL..

DOLL is offered in shades of Beige, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, and White. Its celestial provocativeness will leave you eager to show it off!

A mesh demo is available for you to try at our store(s). Dash over to CHAMPAGNE! Sparking Couture and get your copy of DOLL!




for a glittering life!


TIERRA DE GRACIA – NEW Release from CHAMPAGNE!Sparkling Couture

TIERRA DE GRACIA (meaning Land of Grace) is the latest release from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture and represents the country of Venezuela, where you can find excellent scuba diving, the highest falls in the world, even a unique lightning show seen nowhere else. Its people are warm and friendly, its colors vibrant, its beaches crystal clear and abundant, and it boasts some of the most beautiful women in the world, many who have gone on to become Miss Universe.

It is little wonder that TIERRA DE GRACIA was a stand-out National Costume at the Grand Finale of MISS SL 2015.




A mesh body suit made of coppers, bronzes, wood colors, and lots of sparkling detail provides a rich background for this enticing outfit.

Venezuela’s national tree, “El Araguaney” is also known as the golden flower, and these stunning flowers cover TIERRA DE GRACIA. Flowers grace the arms, legs, and shoulders (the shoulder pieces also contain strings of bright pink Tourmaline!), with a perfect bustle of flowers and petals that lay at the lower back. Additional upper and lower ornamentations of jeweled flowers with diamond centers, strings of sapphires and citrenes, and gold embellishments further enhance the bodysuit.

You have a choice of back pieces: one with animated butterflies, and one without. The back piece is made of tree branches filled with the beautiful deep golden flowers — their vivacious colors reminds us of Venezuela’s tropical landscape and light.

We add a stirring and heart-stopping headpiece to complete TIERRA DE GRACIA. This headpiece covers the front of the head with jeweled flowers, diamond centers, with additional diamonds, red rubies, gold spheres, and strings of sapphires and golden adornments that hang at the ears. Several golden flowers at the very top of the headpiece tie it all together into one majestic and unforgettable headdress!




MISS SL Venezuela 2015 (and Top 12 Finalist), and the current reigning Miss Kelini, Layka63 Resident, is featured on our Vendors for TIERRA DE GRACIA! A special thank you goes out to Asia Rae for these lovely photographs!

Variations of “El Araguaaney” hold significance in the lives of many Venezuelans since they consider “El Araguaney” to be a part of their rich geographical identity. You will love the dynamic and electrifying essence of TIERRA DE GRACIA.

A mesh demo is available for you to try at our store. Take the LM below over to CHAMPAGNE! Sparking Couture and get your copy of TIERRA DE GRACIA today!

CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture @ MISS SL Fashion Kingdom 

for a glittering life!



MIDNIGHT SUN – NEW for Ladies from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture

Immortalizing the Norse Goddess of the Sun, also known as Sól or Sunna, CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture releases MIDNIGHT SUN, a radiant and triumphant tribute to this worshiped, supernatural being!
Norway is also known as the Land of the Midnight Sun because during the summer months, the sun never sets. Sól/Sunna has also been called All-Bright, Everglow, and Fair Wheel. She travels by chariot across the sky each day and brings warmth and energy in her hands to share them with the world.




This majestic and heavenly National Costume, worn during the MISS SL Grand Finale by MISS SL Norway 2015, Vivienne Darcy, can now be yours!




MIDNIGHT SUN’s shimmering gold mesh gown with attached, flowing train, a bright, gleaming sun detail at the bodice, separate golden shoulder pieces, and the glistening collar of sun rays reflects the majestic and radiant heat of the sun. The detailed textures of this gown and accessories will keep you and everyone around you enthralled.

Without the sun, there would be no life, and the back piece of this heart-stirring, spine-tingling ensemble is a replication of the sun in all its blazing glory! The multi-rayed sun is accented with golden gems and its center is an astonishing sun face surrounded by its own golden rays. This back piece can be worn by men or women and is easily attached for another styling with another outfit!

The elaborate head piece will take your breath away! With sun rays at the back, a crown of golden jewels, the sun face repeated with rays around it, and culminating on the sides with detailed pieces and gems that hit right at the ear, you will be captivated by all it has to offer. And so will everyone looking at you!

MISS SL Norway 2015, the lovely Vivienne Darcy, is featured on our Vendors for MIDNIGHT SUN! Don’t let this one pass you by! You will be impressed with every luscious detail!

A mesh demo is available for you to try. Take your chariot to CHAMPAGNE! Sparking Couture and pick up your copy of MIDNIGHT SUN!

CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture @ The MISS SL Fashion Kingdom

for a glittering life!


GILDED – NEW for our Ladies @ CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture

Just when you thought that angels couldn’t get any hotter, look again! Ladies, if you seek angelic sweetness mixed with hot sensuality, then look no further! CHAMPAGNE! Sparking Couture releases GILDED — couture that will reveal your heavenly figure while raising the blood pressure of everyone who looks at you!

With dazzle, dazzle, and more dazzle, GILDED was recently unveiled on the runway during The Fantasy Angels’s astounding Fashion Show 2015, Second Edition! Now you can own the rich saliciousness that GILDED provides.


GILDED poster


GILDED’s corset is multi-textured and feverishly fabulous! The bra cups are covered in shiny spike embellishments — both dangerous and seductive! An alluring mesh thong is included.

Also included are a pair of cuffs with both glittering gems and spikes. The audicious shoulder pieces, also containing gems and spikes, are both eye-catching and flashy.

The wings are so gloriously realistic in their textured detail that you will swear you can see the individual feathers.

To complete this stunner, a headpiece made of chains, gemstones, and a single protruding unicorn horn — lies flat against and adds the perfect finishing touch to the forehead. Besides enthralling angels, use the headpiece and other pieces from GILDED to mix-and-match Greek mythological looks (the winged horse, Pegasus, would be proud!).








Top Model, the stunning Lua Vendetta (MVW Venezuela 2014; Miss Vero Modero 2013), is featured on our Vendors for GILDED! Available in Black, Gold, Pink, Red, Silver, and White, GILDED

GILDED is so very intricate its textures and design that you really must see it in person to appreciate all it has to offer.

A mesh demo is available for you to try. Fly over to CHAMPAGNE! Sparking Couture today where GILDED awaits!

CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture @ The MISS SL Fashion Kingdom

for a glittering life!

SERAPHIN – NEW for the Men from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture

Greek and Roman mythology has never died out; in fact it is as relevant today as it ever was.  For thousands of years mythological Gods and Angels have inspired plays, operas, paintings, and today they inspire FASHION!! CHAMPAGNE! Sparking Couture releases SERAPHIN, an outfit that is hot, inviting, erotic, and just plain steamy!



Let’s start with the multi-layered and stunning necklaces that surround the neck and fall down and across the chest. Take note of the different links, the baubles, and wings with a center gem that is alluring and enticing!

The detail on the thong and chains with ornamental jewelry that surround the hips will mesmerize and tease. Check out the wings and center gem that connect the hip ornamentation. Such luscious features throughout the entire outfit will leave everyone breathless as they gaze upon your countenance!

Cuffs on each wrist contain twinkling gems. Bold, layered shoulder pieces are again detailed with gleaming gems and chains.

You will fly in style with fabulously textured wings fit for a God or an Angel; chains spruce up the bottom edges of each wing.

A majestic headpiece surrounds the head and contains additional glistening gems and chains that drape across and adorn the forehead.







Erik Bayn, Mister Virtual World 2013, is featured on our Vendors for SERAPHIN and boy is he sizzling! SERAPHIN is available in classic Black, lustrous Gold, gleaming Silver, and pearly White.

Fashion is all about expressing yourself, and if you enjoy mixing and matching your outfits, these colors make it a cinch to do so.

Gentlemen, dare to be YOU and create your own sensual STYLE with SERAPHIN at CHAMPAGNE! Sparking Couture!

Enzo Champagne


CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture @ the MISS SL Fashion Kingdom

for a glittering life!







CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture recently released SPRING for the men, so how could they forget our ladies? CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture proudly releases SPRING for all you fabulous, sexy fairy fashionistas, unveiled on the runway during The Fantasy Angels’s breathtaking Fashion Show 2015, Second Edition! If you are a lover of fantasy, tantalizing fashion, flowers, and fairy tales, you will not want to miss out on SPRING!

SPRING poster


With a deliciously-textured mesh corset that clings to your every curve, and with flowers, bows, and butterflies along the bodice, over the right shoulder, and hugging your hips, SPRING is a sensual stunner! A bikini layer is also included.

You will adore the eye-popping translucent, radiant butterfly wings that every angelic fairy must have to complete this spellbinding outfit.

And finally — a standout floral wreath made of delicate roses and leaves — fit for a princess!












Top Model and Founder of The Fantasy Angels, Tyra Eiren, appears on our vendors for SPRING! Offered in the softest pastel colors of Spring itself (Blue, Green, Lilac, Pink, and Yellow), SPRING is chock-full of luxurious detail and luscious textures. Get more than one color and enjoy combining pieces for a look that is you and you alone!

Enjoy your fairytale life and enjoy SPRING!


Champagne! Sparkling Couture @ the MISS SL Fashion Kingdom

for a glittering life!

SPRING-NEW RELEASE for the Men from CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture

Take a deep breath! Spring is in the air and CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture releases today, for the men, SPRING: the most perfect way to celebrate the glorious freshness and sensual freedom that the season brings!

SPRING Man poster


SPRING is a flight of fancy, an outfit that reminds us of fairies floating and glistening in the air as they leave a lasting impression of the ethereal and magical setting they weave.

The leather chest sash is detailed with a buckled belt and studs, and is criss-crossed with a band of flowers, with a sexy, leather thong surrounded by delicate flowers around the hips.

The stunning silver wings attach to the back and are adorned with matching flowers.

You also receive a crown of flowers fit for a Prince!

SPRING Man Lilac

SPRING Man Yellow


SPRING Man Green

Modeled here for you by Christopher Law, SPRING is offered in shades of Blue, Yellow, Green, and Lilac. You may wish to purchase more than one as you can easily mix-and-match the flower choices and chest sash for a custom look!

Experience your own fairytale today when you wear SPRING!

Champagne! Sparkling Couture at the Fashion Kingdom

for a glittering life!