SERAPHIN – NEW for the Men from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture

Greek and Roman mythology has never died out; in fact it is as relevant today as it ever was.  For thousands of years mythological Gods and Angels have inspired plays, operas, paintings, and today they inspire FASHION!! CHAMPAGNE! Sparking Couture releases SERAPHIN, an outfit that is hot, inviting, erotic, and just plain steamy!



Let’s start with the multi-layered and stunning necklaces that surround the neck and fall down and across the chest. Take note of the different links, the baubles, and wings with a center gem that is alluring and enticing!

The detail on the thong and chains with ornamental jewelry that surround the hips will mesmerize and tease. Check out the wings and center gem that connect the hip ornamentation. Such luscious features throughout the entire outfit will leave everyone breathless as they gaze upon your countenance!

Cuffs on each wrist contain twinkling gems. Bold, layered shoulder pieces are again detailed with gleaming gems and chains.

You will fly in style with fabulously textured wings fit for a God or an Angel; chains spruce up the bottom edges of each wing.

A majestic headpiece surrounds the head and contains additional glistening gems and chains that drape across and adorn the forehead.







Erik Bayn, Mister Virtual World 2013, is featured on our Vendors for SERAPHIN and boy is he sizzling! SERAPHIN is available in classic Black, lustrous Gold, gleaming Silver, and pearly White.

Fashion is all about expressing yourself, and if you enjoy mixing and matching your outfits, these colors make it a cinch to do so.

Gentlemen, dare to be YOU and create your own sensual STYLE with SERAPHIN at CHAMPAGNE! Sparking Couture!

Enzo Champagne


CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture @ the MISS SL Fashion Kingdom

for a glittering life!






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