PosESioN is working on new male poses!

our sweet and always working Dahriel surprised me this morning with the question, if I´d be available to stand model for him… and for a new pose set named the “Lefevre Set”. He`s just consolidating the male poses from PosESioN and there is going to be a number of brand new male poses in his shop. The Lefevre Set he wants to put into store and I can tell you… it`s one FABULOUS set, very much Lefevre. But most interesting for you male models maybe is, that there are a couple of poses in the set, which are excellent to be used as default pose.

I hope that you enjoy the poses as much as I do and look forward for the other sets Dahriel is going to release in this days.

_PosESioN_ Lefevre Vendor



Hoorenbeek – Mesh Classic Tailcoat Tuxedo (complete incl shoes)


Chop Zuey – Brooch of The Lion of Great Excellence (designed for my 6th rezzday, commissioned by Frothy (kallieme Resident) and available at the mainstore


PosESion – The Lefevre Set

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