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Under the skillful leadership of renowned top model Ponchituti Boucher, One on One Tutelage and Academy has maintained the goal of bringing the very best in modeling education to the grid. The MISS SL Organization shares a similar goal, in that the organization’s mission is to present the most fabulous opportunities in fashion to our virtual community. We believe that together, we can accomplish amazing things. Therefore, One on One Tutelage and Academy and the MISS SL Organization have decided together to merge. The result of this combination is the MISS SL Academy.

We plan to maintain the same high standards that we have within One on One Tutelage & Academy and more. We continue to offer the best in modeling education and will maintain the same detailed curriculum, which we believe is the best and most comprehensive modeling curriculum offered in Second Life®. We will continue to bring the finest in education to you through the very best and most highly-experienced instructors, all of whom are some of the industry’s most recognized top models.

MISS SL Academy will continue to be led by Ponchituti Boucher, as Marcus Lefevrer joins us as co-owner of the academy.

We are proud and delighted to announce that this weekend, we will introduce our first graduating class, and the new graduates of MISS SL Academy will make their debut in the fashion industry.

New classes at MISS SL Academy will be beginning soon! For information about our curriculum and how to join, please contact Ponchituti Boucher by notecard in-world.


Marcus Lefevre
MISS SL Academy | Owner
MISS SL Organization | Owner

Ponchituti Boucher
MISS SL Academy | Owner
MISS SL Organization | CEO

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